On Earth Day, the Harris Center for Conservation Education in Hancock, N.H. came to KSC for the fourth installment of nature outing on campus to look at birds for an hour. The Harris Center and KSC have been working together to put on these outings.  

         Bird Conservationist Director and Land Specialist Phil Brown from the Harris Center said he has been interested in birds and birding since he was seven years old. “I define it very simply as the act of observing wild birds and often enjoying them,” said Brown.

         Brown added, “We’re lucky we’re in a really diverse area with different types of habitats. You can see up to 200 different bird species throughout the course of a year.”

         On this bird watching outing, the group came across birds like the hawk and the red robin and other species. The group walked around campus with binoculars looking at different birds and different nests that birds have made. Additionally, the group talked about plants and trees on campus and how they relate to the different species of birds that are around.

         Sophomore Tate Fairbank said he just enjoys nature. “I just love the outdoors and all this stuff,” said Fairbank.

         Likewise, first-year Jo Pancake said, “I just like to be outside whenever possible and explore campus, so this was a great opportunity to see some birds on Earth Day.”

         Sophomore Sterling Kloberdans went along on the outing to get more information about birds firsthand. He said, “My major is architecture and I’m actually doing a project about creating a trail system around the Keene airport focusing on birds. I figured this would be some cool extra information.” 


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