Letting human beings be happy in their bodies should be a priority for our modern society. We live in a time capable of great change and growing acceptance, yet we still see certain areas of our society work against the concept of individual love and joy. 

Transgender people have been facing persecution for too long. 

The legislation passed in Alabama, effective May 8, makes it so doctors can be punished with up to ten years in prison for prescribing hormones or hormone blockers for transgender individuals under the age of 19. The bill also requires students to use the bathroom of the corresponding sex on their birth certificates, prohibiting further conversation about gender identity.  

This means that people who are living out on their own at age 18, the age of legal adulthood, wish to transition but aren’t able to until they are 19. That in itself is unfair and absurd.

The Equinox views the age on this bill absurdly high, and if they really claim to be looking out for the best interests of kids, they will make many changes to their system before outlawing transitions under 19. 

For reference, the average college sophomore is about 19 years of age. The Equinox believes that most high school-age people often discover and explore their sexual orientation and gender identity before or during this time. 

We shouldn’t be discouraging self expression and discovery for children, especially because those formative years are crucial to their long term development. We should be teaching kids to be happy in their bodies and do what is going to make them comfortable in their own skin. Promoting fear in trans kids is terrifying to watch and it’s disheartening to see other people not be able to live as their true self.

Developing proper, and realistic sex education for human beings should be top priority if they want transgender individuals to exist freely. Through personal anecdotes, we’ve seen unrealistic, and overall useless sex-ed courses that don’t address the major questions most teens have about sex and gender. 

The government shouldn’t be allowed to determine what people do with their bodies. In the case of minors, they should have access to a proper and realistic sex-education that includes conversation about varying sexualities and gender transitioning. 

Having that kind of proper education under their belt can also help kids who are trying to discover themselves do so in a safe environment. 

The world of sports has seen a lot of discourse with transgender athletes just trying to play the sport they love. 

For the sake of continued regulation, The Equinox does understand the efforts made by official sports associations to have policies surrounding transgender athletes. Athletes like University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas have faced extreme criticism for their participation in the sports team of their identifying gender. The backlash seems to come from a serious lack of education surrounding transgender people. 

If there is going to be such controversy over athletes playing sports as their gender identity and kids being who they are, there needs to be a thorough understanding about what is being addressed. There needs to be thorough discussion, research, education and comprehension on transgender individuals to properly understand the community as well as the experience. 

The sports world, specifically the NCAA, now tackling a new topic and athletic experience, needs to dive head-first into the transgender experience and, for the sake of their rules and definitions, collaborate with as many experts as possible to effectively understand transgender human beings. 

Transgender people just want to be able to live the life that makes them happiest, and who are law makers to determine they can’t. 


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