KSC junior Sam Henry during a live broadcast of his radio show “The Creative Process: What Inspires Me, What I Made Last Week, and Why” inside the WKNH studio.

How Sam Henry shares his passion for music on-air

From 4 to 5 p.m. every Friday, KSC junior Sam Henry can be found in the WKNH studio.

In his radio show “The Creative Process: What Inspires Me, What I Made Last Week and Why,” Henry shares his passion for music with listeners.

“I just love getting excited about music and playing it and talking about why, and that can be from an emotional, personal perspective, or from a compositional, music technology sort of perspective,” Henry said.

Henry is fairly new to WKNH, only having started doing a radio show this semester. However, he is no stranger to other mediums of sharing music with others. After years of putting out his own music and collaborating with others on YouTube videos, Henry decided to try out his own radio show at WKNH.

“I’ve never really gone into the live environment of radio before so I figured it’d be a cool new medium to try. WKNH is such a great opportunity for that,” Henry said.

In his plans for each live broadcast, Henry said he is hoping to strike a balance between having a strict plan for each show and allowing himself to have natural conversation on air.

“If I’m too focused on trying to hit certain points or say certain things, then it kind of loses its flow, it loses its naturality to it, which is so crucial for radio… It has to be comfortable, it has to be in the moment,” Henry said.

For Henry, this also applies to the music curation process for each show. He spends the entire week preparing songs on an Apple Music playlist, adjusting the song selections throughout the week if necessary. However, Henry said finding music to play is a fairly effortless process.

“I’ve found that when it’s deeply ingrained with just how I listen to music and how I go about my week, it’s really low effort to put it all together and walk into that radio hour with a pretty good idea on what I want to talk about,” Henry said.

In addition to music by outside artists, Henry will occasionally play his own original music- both the good and the bad. “If I’ve just made a demo the other day that I felt really good about, I might show it. If I made a demo the other day I felt horrible about, I might show it because I think that’s also amusing,” Henry said.

The decision to play original work he is proud of and work he is not so proud of is, for Henry, an important one. “It’s important to expose the parts of the creative process that are ugly and don’t usually see the light of day because that’s the sort of stuff that can also be really fascinating,” Henry said.

Early on into his WKNH experience, Henry is finding success. He said he enjoys the interactive elements of doing the radio show, as it allows him to share the passion of music with others who feel the same.

“I really do enjoy that separate community of people who give me feedback, people who call in, let me know what they liked, what they didn’t like, it makes it interactive,” Henry said.

Henry continued, “I just love hearing what people have to say [and] what their thoughts are… It just gives a greater platform to celebrate the art and celebrate the listening experience.”


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