A look at a men’s soccer starter

Junior Denis Fleming has had a successful first real season with the KSC men’s soccer team.

Fleming said he began playing soccer when he was about five or six years old. He began playing soccer “because my parents did not want me to play tackle football.” He continued, “They were too scared that I was going to get hurt so they signed me up to play soccer.”

Now, over a decade later, Fleming described soccer to be “a game that I enjoy to play. It’s where I’ve met some of my closest friends and I’d be lost without it.”

Senior captain Benny Tamzarian explains his thoughts on Fleming and what he believes Fleming brings to the team. “Denis is a very skillful player, he brings a different aspect to our team. He cares a lot about the team. I have seen him demonstrate this on and off the field.”

When asked about what role Fleming plays in encouraging the team, Tamzarian says, “Denis is always talking to our guys during the game giving them information that will help them succeed on the pitch.” Tamzarian added, “During our huddle ups he is always someone that gives words of encouragement as well.”

Fleming is one of the scorers for the Owls this season. When asked about how that feels, Fleming said, “Being one of the leading goal scorers is something I’m proud of.” However, Fleming does not take all the credit. “I have to thank my teammates though, because they do a great job of getting me the ball in dangerous areas,” he adds.

Fleming’s strongest aspect, Tamzarian says, “is his confidence.” Tamzarian elaborates, “He is a very confident player on the pitch and you can see that with how he plays.”

Having such a successful season, Fleming holds many goals for himself. Fleming said, “Hopefully I get either first or second team LEC [Little East Conference].”

Fleming also recognized his teammates and said “there’s a lot of guys on our team deserving of that as well.” The men’s soccer team wants to not only see themselves succeed, but each other as well. Fleming said, “but I don’t think anyone on our team really cared about that kind of stuff.” Fleming finished, “our main goal is to win the [Little East] conference.”

Fleming transferred to Keene State from SUNY Oneonta his sophomore year. Fleming said he transferred because “I felt like me and the coach there were on different pages about my play time and didn’t see me being a key piece moving forward.”

Since coming to Keene State, Fleming said his time at KSC and his first real season with the team has been “amazing.”

The men’s last regular season game was played this past weekend and Fleming had some good numbers. He scored five goals this season, only trailing the leading scorer, sophomore Nicholas Dalesio by one goal. Fleming is also tied with fellow junior teammate, Mbambi Mbungu. Fleming also has five assists this season which is the highest of anyone on the team.

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