Is it a ‘bones day’ or a ‘no-bones day’?

Every day, millions of people wake up and check their TikTok accounts, wondering what kind of day they are supposedly going to have.

TikTok user Jonathan Graziano started posting videos of his attempts at waking up his 13-year-old pug, Noodle, that have recently gone viral online. This has morphed into the ‘bones or no bones day’ trend; if Noodle is able to stand and support himself without help, it means that day is a ‘bones day’, meaning it is going to be a good, highly-motivated day. However, if Noodle lays right back down after an attempt to stand him up, that day is a ‘no bones day,’ meant for relaxation and low-stress.

The trend has reached generations of internet users. Graziano posted a TikTok on October 23 with a screenshot someone sent him with a professor extending an exam deadline, citing a ‘no-bones day.’ The professor, who’s name was kept anonymous, wrote, “Noodle has evidently determined that today is No Bones Day and that it would be inauspicious to turn in exams on this date.”

Internet users have started using Noodle’s daily videos as a form of a daily horoscope, dictating what day they are going to have. First-year Tori Young said she checks her social media every day for an update from Noodle the pug. “I love it. It’s my daily mantra,” Young said.

First-year Sarah Popsuj, who follows Graziano’s account for daily Noodle updates, said she watches the videos every day with her roommate. “If it’s a ‘no-bones day’, we don’t do anything. If it’s a ‘bones day’, [we] do everything,” Popsuj said.

Although she watches the daily updates from Noodle, first-year Amethyst Van Antwerp said the videos don’t influence her day-to-day life. “It does not influence my day at all, I just like watching it because it makes me smile,” Van Antwerp said.

Sophomore Fox Earley was only semi-familiar with Noodle the pug prior to the interview, but said the idea speaks to the way our current society functions. “I love the way our society grabs onto little small things like that,” Earley said. “I think it’s so human to be like, ‘Let’s prescribe meaning to a dog not wanting to wake up.’ I think it’s very sweet and very human.”

Similarly, sophomore Daisy Gaikwad, who did not know about the series of viral videos, said, “I think that’s really cute. If it showed up on my TikTok, I would probably listen to it because it’s a dog, and you can’t say no to it.”

News about Noodle the pug has even extended to classrooms. After mentioning the concept of ‘bones’ and ‘no bones days’ in class, Young said she explained it to one of her professors.

“I actually taught one of my professors yesterday what it meant,” Young said. “I showed her the TikToks.”

Senior Abigail Neary had a similar experience, “We actually talked about it in my philosophy class… [My professor] brought it up. He was asking because his daughter, who’s in her mid-thirties, was talking about it and he was just like ‘I wanted to see if it transferred to your age group,’ so he asked and we were like ‘oh yeah we all know.’”

Senior Shannon Parks commented on the ability of the videos to connect people across the internet. “Honestly, I love it, I feel like it’s just connecting everyone with a little pug,” Parks said.

Neary added, “I think it just brightens up everyone’s day, seeing the video. And it’s just talked about, if it’s a bones day or not. And everyone asks, everyone’s interested.”

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