The Princeton Review has ranked Keene State College among the top regional colleges in the Northeast.

In regards to academics, the Princeton Review hailed KSC for being a strong, pre-professional bent college located in a “classic New England town.”

“Professors here at KSC are hit or miss… There are some brilliant, effective and extremely devoted instructors at Keene State in every department,” the website says, quoting a history major.

The website also discusses the student body, saying, “For the most part, everyone seems to get along at Keene State. These students are ‘mellow,’ ‘normal kids’ who ‘are pretty accepting of anyone.’”

However, the website notes, “‘There is very little ethnic diversity here,’ ‘but it is New Hampshire after all.’ While students have roots in quite a few states, students tend to come from ‘close to home.’”

The website also mentions KSC’s campus life, which is hailed for having “just the right number of people,” and “right between a large university and a very small school.” Also mentioned are the shops, restaurants and bars located within walking distance of campus. Finally, the website goes on to say, “Don’t miss the big gourd-carving free-for-fall called Pumpkin Lobotomy [now called PumpkinPalooza] on campus. In the overall scheme of things, though, the surrounding area is ‘rural environment,’ ‘in the backwoods of New Hampshire.’”

The website also notes KSC’s 91% acceptance rate, $11,754 instate tuition and gave KSC a financial aid rating of 71.

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