The inside of the veteran’s lounge located in the basement of Huntress Hall.

A look at how KSC supports veterans on campus

Keene State College has been working with veterans for many years, doing everything they can to support those trying to seek higher education after military service.

KSC has had a long standing value of veterans and offers various resources to help with exceeding expectations of the Owl experience. The college website provides an extensive list of resources for veterans to use as they take the first steps towards admission. Textbook resources, parking information, financial aid support and several other links are provided on the Resources for Veteran Students page on the KSC website.

With veterans seeking higher education, the college hopes to provide a smooth transition into the student experience. Bert Poirier is the Veterans Coordinator and Senior Associate Director of Admissions at KSC and has worked with countless veteran students with their individual journeys as Owls. Poirier said he likes to ensure that every veteran is having their personal goals and expectations met because “not every veteran is going to go through the same package.” The faculty and staff of the college know that entering a new academic endeavor is a transition for everyone, and students of all backgrounds have different needs that are met to the best of KSC’s ability.

The college is committed to providing accessible learning environments to everyone, and veterans are no exception here. Poirier highlighted the importance of cooperation throughout all the necessary departments with the veterans, because everyone needs full support when starting college. “There’s a teamwork aspect. I think the culture on this campus is extremely helpful… It’s not unusual for someone to stop what they’re doing and help [others] right then and there,” Poirier said. Communication with veteran students is also a huge part of building a support system according to Poirier. “We communicate with them at every step of the way… With veterans, we make sure that we’re with them every step of the way, and I think they really appreciate that.”

Keene State College also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. This program provides Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to out-of-state resident veterans who qualify.

Federal Financial Aid information is provided to support veterans, active duty personnel, or family members of a veteran or active duty personnel. An Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is available to eligible students. The Department of Veteran Affairs, commonly known as the VA, offers educational benefits, and KSC works to help veterans, their widows, and dependents to ensure they are receiving the proper financial aid.

Veteran Support Services are provided on campus to coordinate with veterans about what they want to achieve as a student. A statement found on the KSC website says the mission of the KSC Veterans Support Services “is to implement and coordinate academic and social support programs that enable KSC veteran students to gain the greatest benefit from their educational experience.”

Bert Poirier said in a closing interview statement that throughout the entire process of veterans joining the KSC family, the military service members of all kinds are aware of the value they bring to the campus. “We always make a point to thank them for their service.”

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