Students seeking out work during their time at KSC will find there are lots of ways to find a job, on or off campus.

For the past week, the KSC Career Services has been hosting their Career Expo in both online and in-person sessions. Although it is a tradition for Keene to hold a jobs fair in the Fall, this year it’s being done a little differently.

“In the past several years we have had a typical large career fair in the Spaulding Gym where we have had over a hundred employers, and graduate and professional schools attend, and we invite all of our students,” Kristin Brooks, Internship Coordinator and Career Services said. “And what we’ve realized is that it doesn’t work for our students and it doesn’t work for our regional employers.”

Brooks explained some of the changes that are being made to streamline the event. “We are doing boutique style expos and they are really geared by industry. We actually have four different expos that we’re offering this fall. The first expo is industry specific around manufacturing, science, and technology. The next expo is focused in healthcare, government, and nonprofits, the following is business media and finance, and our last expo is a fair around graduate and professional schools.”

Two of the expos, manufacturing, science and technology, and healthcare, government, and nonprofits, have already occurred. All events were held virtually using the Handshake app, and the healthcare, government, and nonprofits expo had a second session that was held in-person in the Alumni Hall. The business media and finance expo will take place on October 12 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the graduate and professional school fair will be held on October 19 during the same time frame. Both events will be virtual and must be registered for via Handshake.

The expos will give students the chance to meet with employers from around the area and talk to them about the career paths open to them during and after college.

“This will be an opportunity for students to get some hands on experience having career conversations with a variety of employers and organizations,” Brooks said. These expos are really meant to have conversations around what you can do with your major, what skills, what experiences does an employer look for on a resume, what types of internship opportunities are there potentially out there.”

Students came to the fair to find both internships and employment after graduation. Megan Young, the Human Resource Assistant for the City of Keene was speaking with students at the in-person healthcare, government, and nonprofit expo on October 4.

“It looks like juniors are looking for internships, and the seniors are more interested in possible employment after they graduate,” Young said. The City of Keene was one of many organizations present, including Cheshire Medical Center, Keene Senior Center, the Office of Youth Services, New England Center for Children, and more.

The goal of the event was to inform students on the options available to them so they can look at what they can do now to benefit themselves later.

“I think it’s very important to plan your life a little bit ahead…I did with mine and I’m quite happy having gotten the job. Not having to worry about student loans coming, just having that job is a nice security blanket, not having to worry,” said Alyssa Gillen, a statistician at the expo representing the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For students who missed the Career Expos, there are other ways to find on or off campus employment. Keene’s partnership with Handshake allows students to browse jobs based on their major and interests, and shows employers and companies hiring nearby, as well as internships and available positions on-campus.

Students looking for a more personalized approach to job searching can sign-up for one on one meetings with KSC’s Career Services team to get help finding employment, preparing for interviews, and writing a resume. The Academic and Career Advising Office can be contacted at

The career expo held an in-person session on Monday, October 4, in the Alumni Hall. Students came to explore careers related to government, non-profit organizations and healthcare.

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