So far, testing this week has been a very irritating yet interesting experience to say the least. 

From the short time blocks to the long Disneyland-like lines, this semester’s testing situation is a clear difference from last year. 

President Melinda Treadwell explained the reasons for moving the testing site, as well as the possibility of having students self-test at home, or having faculty and staff only self-test at home to eliminate all faculty and staff from the testing line. 

The Equinox really struggled with this topic. On one hand, The Equinox understands the reasons why a new location picked. The recreation center is vital to students, athletes or not. Athletes need the space for the track and for the basketball court, and student non-athletes need the rec center for events, to exercise and, of course, for recreation. 

However we believe that the Mountain View Room is probably not the best place for COVID testing. The Mountain View Room is too small to hold the amount of students needed, and does not permit social distancing. Additionally, there are incredibly long and inconvenient lines that start at the entrance of the Mountain View Room, and stretch all the way down to the Admin offices at the other side of the 3rd floor. A major concern with having these long lines go down that far is that it obstructs students from reaching the 3rd floor as easily. We came up with a few alternatives: the Redfern Lobby, the Alumni Recital Hall and the Mabel Brown Room. 

Going off of the Mabel Brown Room, we thought that it would be convenient for students to be able to go to the Mabel Brown Room as a “second’’ testing time during the noon to 1 p.m. peak time. Although many organizations use the Mabel Brown Room during this time frame, we believe that KSC officials have the right to prohibit these organizations from using this room during that hour if they are mandating everyone to get tested. 

The Equinox also thinks that the hours are too short for the amount of students, faculty and staff that need to be tested. The five hour time constraints are almost inviting traffic to form. If more hours were added on to each day, it would create less chaos and congestion in the lines. Another solution to fixing the testing traffic problem would be allowing students to get tested whenever they want during the designated times instead of having a designated day of the week for specific students to get tested. 

If the college were to extend their testing hours, the testing officials would need to spend more of their time helping students with testing. Although this may seem like it would be creating a hassle for the testing officials since it would be taking up more of their time, in reality the most hours they could work each week would only be 25 hours. Even in this hypothetical scenario with a single testing official working 25 hours each week, there is definitely more than one testing official that could swap out with one another each day or week. Also if the college isn’t willing to provide the testing officials with more hours, then they should consider switching to having students self-test at home so that they could cut out the need to hire testing officials. Yet the self-testing at home idea has the potential to bring up more problems than benefits. 

In regards to the self-testing at home, The Equinox was also torn on this one. We understand the convenience of self-testing at home, however more people on the Editorial Board agreed that students self-testing at home would not be a good idea. It would lead to students swabbing their friends, other students, etcetera, which would only cause false positives and negatives, none of which are helpful in tracking COVID cases at the college. We also think that this would cause students to not swab themselves correctly, which could cause inconclusive results. 

In regards to faculty, The Equinox thinks that only having faculty self-test at home would imply that the school doesn’t trust its students enough to self-test. However, if it came down to reducing testing lines, maybe it would work. 

Overall, The Equinox understands the reasonings behind moving testing, however we are not sure about the new location. We also think that self-testing should be made for everyone, but not just one group such as faculty and staff. 

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