Students walking around the student center are followed by new motion-censored lights in the hallways and in offices. Director of Student Involvement Jessica Gagne Cloutier said the opportunity for new fixtures came at no cost to the student center. “As part of a larger contract and project with the Siemens company, through the Office of Sustainability,” Gagne-Cloutier said, “What that meant is that over time, we would see some cost savings on our utilities for our lighting, because these wonderful things are all LEDs, highly efficient and they’re actually basically smart lighting fixtures.” Gagne-Cloutier explained that the lights will automatically shut off after a certain time period where no motion is detected. She also explained that the lights are tech-connected, meaning that data on usage can be used to find efficiencies. “There are some auto settings, basically they operate at like 67 percent or 25 percent,” Gagne Cloutier explained. “So, I can choose to have my lights function in either of those settings, or I can just turn them on and off okay, and not have them auto set. They are set at overshoot originally from install, which I think is 67 percent, and I have them off all the time,” Gagne-Cloutier said. The new lights feature a small black motion sensor in the upper corner and can be found nearly everywhere in the student center.

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