The Owl’s field hockey team lost a game against Amherst College on Tuesday night with a score of 7-0. 

Kaitlin Broda was the starting goalie for Amherst and Molly Edmark was starting goalie for Keene State.

Five shots were taken by Amherst, all within the first 10 minutes of the first period.

A shot finally made it into goal around the 12 minute mark by Owls sophomore forward Muffie Mazambani, assisted by junior midfielder Sage Geyer.

The next goal came less than a minute later by Amhert first-year forward/midfielder Sam Maynard, assisted by Mazambani.

The second period gave two more points to Amherst College.

The first was a goal from first-year midfielder Kat Mason around the 17-minute mark and the other was by Mazambani.

There was no scoring done in the third period, but again, Amherst took six shots on goal.

The fourth and final period brought about three points for the Mammoths.

The first shot was made by Maynard with an assist from Mazambani.

The sixth goal was made by senior forward Caroline Donahue and the final goal of the period was made by first-year defender Kate Smith off an assist from Donahue.

Keene State only took four shots this game while Amherst took 25 shots.

This loss made Keene State 1-6 this season.

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