Tim Wagner / Student Life Editor

Tim Wagner
Student Life Editor

On Saturday, May 15, Keene State College’s Pride Club held their annual Pride March on the student center lawn.

President of Keene State College’s Pride Club Gretchen Moore said the planning for this event has been like a marathon. Moore said, “It was kind of crazy having to deal with the restrictions, keeping everything in mind, social distancing, fixing the tables, making sure there was sanitizer everywhere for people’s safety. Overall, it was, to be frank, a pain… but I think it’s definitely worth it.”

Moore said the event was modified for the COVID-19 restrictions. Moore explained, “With COVID in mind, we needed something that would keep people separated, and that people can have their own thing, so we have hand sanitizer at every station. And we wanted, like with the bubble machine bubble area, to make sure that people had one thing that could be sanitized afterwards, and that it wouldn’t just become, like, a petri dish.” Furthermore, Moore said the march itself was modified. Moore explained, “We knew that we probably couldn’t go around town like we usually do. So we knew we had to stick around campus. But walking distance is easier than you would think. Just keeping people separated at a distance, making sure that everyone’s, at least, arms-length apart.”

The modified route for the march included walking down Appian Way towards the Owl’s Nest buildings, a left towards Carle Hall, a loop around the Spaulding Gymnasium and Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery towards Elliot Hall and finishing back at the student center lawn.

Vice-President of Keene State College Pride Ray Laventure said the assortment of activities was an accomplishment. Laventure said, “We have cornhole, we have Thai, we have friendship bracelets and we have a whole table that’s just bubbles. Because who doesn’t love bubbles?”

Laventure also said the changes made by the club to pull off the event was great to see. Laventure said, “It did make preparation pretty hard with the students that are being closed for a week. We were really glad. Actually, we were able to get back in because it reopened like, you know, Thursday or something. So we were able to get back in and get more work done. It was just hard because we had to do a lot of stuff outside and on Zoom. And when you’re preparing for an event like this, that has so many props and, like, physical objects involved, it’s really hard to try to plan it well when you have to be so cautious and [do things] remote[ly]. But things are looking good.”

Secretary to Keene State College’s Pride Club Alice Browne joined KSC Pride as a first-year and was stationed at a table during the event. Browne said, “At this table, we have these bags filled with beads, and other little goodies that you can use to make a key chain or bracelet. We also have new stuff for playing cornhole. And so, in these bags are prizes for if you get one in the hole [and] you can win some candy… Here, we have create-your-own-pride-flags, where you can just draw a flag and glue it onto the stick.”


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