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Writing is an incredibly important skill that we use in our everyday lives. Even though I write on a daily basis, I have come to discover that many people do not write anything other than their signature in their daily life. I genuinely feel that only writing the basic necessities in our daily lives is a disservice to our society as a whole.

I adamantly believe that writing is an essential aspect of the human condition because writing is and always has been one of the two primary ways to record and share knowledge, stories, and ideas. Since writing is so crucial to the evolution of man and our society, I am incredibly saddened by the fact that so many people are not writing anymore. My guess as to why many people do not write anymore is that their prior experiences in school exhausted them of writing anything. When I was in high school, I absolutely disliked writing because of the fact that most of my teachers forced me to write about topics that I preferably did not want to write about in the first place. Yet, during my senior year, my English teacher showed me that writing can be an incredibly fun and relaxing experience.

I feel that writing should be taught in schools in a different way from how it is currently being taught. I feel like most people would agree with me that people do not enjoy writing due to the fact that they were forced to write essays upon essays about topics they were not interested in, in school. Whenever I have to write about a topic that I am not interested in, I always end up not putting in any significant effort into the essay because I genuinely do not see the point of writing about something that I cannot relate to.

My primary solution to fixing this problem is by simply allowing students to choose a topic they enjoy writing about in their classes. Although I completely understand that many topics that students may choose to write about may not connect to the topic they are learning about, I think that teachers should allow their students to write about their topics regardless. I firmly believe that writing shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Additionally, writing on a daily basis has many benefits. A massive benefit of writing on an everyday basis is that it can help clear one’s mind. When someone writes down their thoughts and ideas, it allows them to clear their head of all of the thoughts and ideas that are happening inside of their brain. I normally write down any good ideas and/or thoughts that come into my head in a journal that I have. In the case that I do not have access to my journal, I will resort to writing down those thoughts and ideas into the notes application on my phone. In my opinion, everyone should write down their thoughts and ideas whenever they get the chance because of the benefit of it clearing one’s head. I genuinely believe that writing is a necessary and crucial aspect of our society and should be a more common thing.


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