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As the world continues to inch closer and closer back to operating normally, an incredibly grim trend has started to re-emerge: mass shootings. Mass shootings are defined as “any incident in which at least four people are murdered with a gun,” according to the FBI.

In 2021, there have already been over 10 mass shootings where at least four or more people have been killed. I absolutely believe that this number is incredibly unacceptable due to the fact that our country is just barely starting to get back to its normal routine. The fact that we consider shootings to be a part of our country’s “normal” routine, then there is absolutely something wrong with our society as a whole.

The fact that the majority of schools in the United States have random school shooting drills to prepare students for a situation where there is an active shooting in the walls of their institutions as if it’s an ordinary occasion is an incredibly sad thing to think about. I absolutely agree that these drills are necessary because of the current state of affairs within our country, but I also believe that we shouldn’t have to even practice these drills in the first place. So I ask you, the reader, take a second to imagine a world where schools do not have to practice these drills and students do not have to experience any sort of anxiety or trauma from not knowing if the drill is practice or an actual active shooter situation.

The depressing thing about that scenario is that I just described what happens in other countries. Since many countries have stricter gun laws in place to prevent the wrong people from getting their hands on firearms, they don’t have to worry about mass shootings as much as we have to in the U.S.

I firmly believe that citizens should absolutely be able to have access to firearms because it is our second amendment but I also believe that there should be stricter background check laws in place. The reason why I believe that there should be stricter background check laws in place is to prevent people who shouldn’t have access to firearms from accessing them. I know that there are a whole variety of different counter points to my opinion but one point that I hear very often is that the second amendment exists to allow the people to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. I will say that this point would have been valid about 100 years ago but in terms of today, it’s completely invalid because the United States governments currently have access to a whole fleet of high tech drones that can easily decimate an entire city.

Although I believe that citizens should have the right to own regulated firearms, I am still very concerned about how mass shootings are already on the rise despite the country just starting to head back to normal. One of the deadlier recent mass shootings that took place at a spa in Atlanta, Georgia, is a prime example of how some people shouldn’t have access to firearms. I believe that people who fail a background check and a drug check, shouldn’t be able to purchase or own any sort of firearms due to their potential to use the weapon for nefarious purposes. Additionally, I feel that there should also be no loopholes for purchasing and gaining access to firearms. I feel this way because in the majority of mass shootings, the perpetrator gained access to their weapons using a loophole. I believe that there should be a more hefty punishment for failing to register a transfer of a firearm.


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