Tim Wagner / Student Life Editor

Tim Wagner
Student Life Editor

Every first Friday of the month Keene State College’s Student Involvement Council provides breakfast to the campus.

The table of food for the breakfast was placed on Appian Way to start, but eventually was moved inside due to the weather. Keene State College’s Student Center Programs Coordinator Brandon Carta explained the thought process behind the breakfast. Carta said “So we when we were looking at the calendar for the semester, we knew we were really successful in the fall when we did a free breakfast because we get one at the very end, I believe that last Friday of the semester, and we give [out] like all of our food by 10:00 almost and so when we were planning this semester, and looking at our budget, we were like, oh, like that is a financially sustainable way we can continue to do something successful some of the Fridays so we decided the first Friday of every month, we’ll do this.”

Carta also said, “We did one in March, and then the May one will be the like launch of our student leadership week. So at the next one, we’ll be able to do some cool, like, thank you notes to faculty, staff and students who have been leaders to people, so that’ll be fun, but really, it’s just a free fun thing to do on Friday mornings.” Carta also highlighted the different food options available to students. Carta said “Usually something that everyone can eat? Right? So there’s a gluten free option, there’s a vegan option, right. So there’s a we just made sure that everyone could eat something and we have some Passover snacks today, too. Like kosher food, because it’s Passover.” Look out for the Student Involvement Council’s first Friday breakfast on May 7.


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