Lydia Mardin
Equinox Staff

I think having a strong infrastructure is one of the first and most important parts of having a strong country. Especially when in the midst of a global pandemic, having a strong infrastructure is one of the keys to success and for the country to be able to get moving again shortly after the pandemic is over. In addition, there is an exceeding emphasis on the importance of the environment and dealing with an environmental crisis while trying to rebuild an infrastructure crippled by a global epidemic is a huge task and one I am confident that someone can fix.

One of President Joe Biden’s plans for a strengthened infrastructure is switching to a clean energy-based economy. Biden says it will create millions of jobs and help this crumbling infrastructure. I personally think one of the best steps toward climate action is to help rebuild the infrastructure by helping to employ more workers when helping to build up roads and bridges, water systems and electric grids. I think, overall, it is a fairly good idea. My concern is how will we pay for it? Putting new systems in place to help the country and employ more people is a great thing but I am uncertain of where the money will come from.

Biden also has more ideas to improve the auto industry and transit issues as well as buildings and innovations in other areas of everyday life. I also think that it is important to reassess the ways in which buildings are constructed and being more environmentally conscious when it comes to the structure and foundation. I am so incredibly blown away by this administration’s commitment to environmental issues and I am really excited to see how these come about but, again, I am curious how these projects will be funded. I think having our country be multi-trillion dollars in debt is something we really need to deal with and that by spending money on these projects, regardless of how good they are, is something that is concerning to me.

Biden ensures that these jobs will be created by these infrastructure changes and will be filled by diverse people, hard workers and a lot of women as an effort to help expand the middle class by putting money into the pockets of those who are traditionally more under-represented in the workforce. While this most likely an unforeseen change in the country, it will be good to help those looking for employment within the country.

Overall, I am fairly pleased with Biden’s new infrastructure plan, but I highly encourage people to make their own decisions about this plan. I really appreciate the emphasis on environmental impacts our actions have, and I like how there is a significant emphasis on helping instead of hurting mother Earth. I also like how he is strongly advocating for the employment of those who are unemployed and underrepresented in the workplace, specifically women and minorities. My biggest concern though is how will the administration plan to pay for it all, the country faces a significant amount of debt that must be dealt with as well.


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