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Lydia Mardin

Equinox staff

I think Earth Day is such an important day of the year as it makes us reflect on the decisions we have made in the past, with those decisions relating to the climate and being aware of the consequences of littering and other acts of excessiveness that hurt the Earth in the long run. I think this Earth Day we should be especially thankful for the beauty of the Earth.

It has been a long time since any of us have really breathed in the air and smelled the flowers and really been at one with nature. I, for one, miss it. I miss smelling the flowers and breathing in the air and feeling the wind on my face without a mask on. I know that I get upset when I have to take my mask off to blow my nose out front of the Spaulding Gym because I get to smell the tulips for just a brief moment and then I put my mask on and lose that scent and the feeling it gave me. I think that Mother Nature gives us so much and we have not been able to really appreciate it like we used to as a result of the pandemic. The sheer beauty of the Earth has not been appreciated like it should be since the pandemic started.

Usually when Earth Day comes around everyone will post pictures of nature or something on Facebook or Instagram and caption it saying something about how we should cherish the Earth everyday, usually I find these posts annoying because they only come about once a year. We really should cherish the Earth everyday, not just when it is convenient for us to. There should not have to be a day telling us to celebrate the Earth for us to celebrate it. We should show the Earth and the creatures who live on it how appreciative we are everyday. We should start using more canvas bags and compostable and recyclable materials so that the creatures who live on the Earth appreciate it. What I am trying to say is that we should not just care about the Earth when it is convenient for our feeds to.

Many people are already making these switches to greener living and more should. Things like reusable fabric facemasks, reusable bags, cups, straws and other materials, air drying your clothes or washing your clothes in cold water to help conserve electricity. These little things we do and change about our lives can really help the planet and, at the end of the day, I think we can all agree that helping the planet out will be great for our future generations and even ourselves.

I would really love it if by the next Earth Day we could see a decrease in our carbon footprints, less materials collected in landfills, and also healthier changes towards a better climate as well. We take the Earth for granted a lot and by remembering the Earth in our everyday lives we can help to preserve her for generations to come.


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