Tim Wagner / Student Life Editor

Tim Wagner
Student Life Editor

In April 2021, a challenge to move 49.9 miles is set for students to reach.

The mileage for the 2021 Greenway challenge is because of the distance between the local Mt. Monadnock and Mt. Sunapee trail is 49.9 miles. The challenge is to hit the goal of 49.9 miles traveled within the time limit of April 12 to May 7. At the end of the time limit, if a student has hit the 49.9 mile goal, they will receive a prize.

To speak on the organizing of the 2021 Greenway challenge is Keene State College’s Student Center Programs Director Brandon Carta. Carta said, “We were looking for ways to partner with the Rec[reation] Center and recreation sports with student involvement. We were thinking of, like, we cannot travel more than five miles right now. Student organizations can’t travel unless it’s like a club sport event and so we were thinking what’s something local, like to this region or New Hampshire, that people may not know about?”

On Keene State College’s OwlNet page the student council says the inspiration came from the Mt. Monadnock to Mt. Sunapee trail. Carta explained, “It’s local to the region, honestly, and that we haven’t had the ability for our students to get out at all, student organizations, especially new students to explore. So I think it was just pointing to that, like a local resource that we have.”

Carta said students can sign up on OwlNet and that there is a prize for anyone who completes the challenge. He added, “Once you’re registered, the other form that’s on the event is this one and so folks can put their name, how they cover[ed] this week’s distance, and they will put in like, ‘We went outside, I swim laps or kayak’ like anything, basically. So there’s not really limitations on that type of thing and then folks can either take a picture of like an exercise machine, or maybe a map or something of something like a trail, they’ve outlined like a Google Map. Or if they don’t have something like that to upload to us, they can just read a description.” Carta also said, “Everyone will get that medal that we mentioned and that t-shirt. So that will be pretty exciting.”

The Student Council is also working with Lynn Andrews and the Recreation Center to promote the event. Andrews recommended workouts for students. Andrews said, “Students should participate in activities that they would normally do for running, walking, etc. If they like to run outside, there are different length routes around campus and students can pick up maps at the front desk of the Recreation Center with this information. They can run or walk on the treadmills in the cardio room or run/walk around the track (11 laps is equal to one mile) in the Recreation Center.”

Andrews also said “The most important thing is to participate and have fun doing something new. Challenge yourself in something that isn’t your usual fitness activity. Get your friends to participate and see who completes the challenges first.”


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