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The meeting began with first-year Joshua Bailey presenting his new idea for a club, the golf club, sponsored by Dr. James Timmer. Bailey discussed the successful turnout for an interest meeting, as well as the possibility of going competitive. Questions were raised about whether or not the constitution was a new constitution or a revised one from a previous iteration of the club. Another question was raised regarding purchasing memberships for students, which could cost up to $700.

It was concluded that the constitution was a revision of the 2008 golf club constitution, and membership costs would be requested through student government, and membership would be under the school’s name.

The constitution was ratified unanimously.

Next, Student Body President Davis Bernstein discussed bringing up guidelines for passing a bill, which he wants to take effect within the next month.

Student Government Advisor Jen Ferrell reiterated the CARES money for students as stated last week. She reiterated that students would be receiving emails in “waves” within the next 10-12 days.

Bernstein also said the student government was very close to finalizing May 14 as the day for Carnival, with May 21 as the rain date, and for student representatives to come up with ideas for Carnival.

From the financial committee, presented this time by Ferrell, 4 or 5 requests of “low value” were made from clubs.

The class of 2021 representatives discussed the possibility of a drive-through type celebration for seniors, as well as stickers, shirts, and a goodbye video for seniors.

The constitution committee discussed a few more clubs that will be coming in the next few weeks.

Also discussed were the days for student government elections, which will start on April 21 and lead into May 12.

Bernstein reminded the student government that commencement was in 60 days, and the meeting was adjourned at 6:51 PM.


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