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Texas has been in the midst of some wild crises in the past two months. A few weeks ago, the ‘Lone Star’ state was hit by an absolutely crazy snowstorm. Shortly after that, the Governor of Texas decided that he is going to lift the COVID restrictions and open up all businesses and make mask-wearing not required anymore. I personally have a few issues with this, but I would like to preface these with: Texas is not special for being sick of these regulations and for wanting the Coronavirus pandemic to be over. This is a common thought that I think almost everyone can agree with.

Texas is seeing its lowest infection rates in a while and, because of this, I think they are thinking that it is safe enough to start loosening up. I don’t think this is the best way to do things as they are proving that the mask-wearing and social-distancing regulations, and any other regulations they have in place, are working. By lifting their rules, they will most definitely see an increase in COVID cases and will probably, eventually, have to go back into lockdown.

The State and the Governor are not being ‘brave’ by lifting these rules, nor are they going to make anything better. Even with the vaccine coming out, slowly but surely, we must continue to be cautious and aware of those who maybe have not received the vaccine yet. I am not including those who are choosing not to get that vaccine because that is a risk they are taking and it is entirely their fault should they get infected. I think that, as a result of Texas lifting their COVID restrictions, many states are to follow, as we’ve already seen Mississippi follow suit and lift their restrictions as well, despite CDC warnings.

It always makes me angry when people do not take the pandemic seriously. However, it also irritates me when people take it far too seriously. I think that if people could just agree on how seriously we should take the pandemic a lot of issues, like what is happening in Texas, would not be happening at all. If you are in a room with people you are unfamiliar with, you should be wearing your mask. This opinion might be unpopular but if I am in a room by myself, I do not see why I should have to wear a mask in a room by myself. We all just need to agree on what is the right way to handle these situations better because we cannot live in fear forever but this is not the time to pretend that nothing is happening either.

Regardless, I think the situation in Texas needs to be dealt with. I understand state sovereignty but someone needs to speak up and say that this is not the time to just disregard this situation and pretend that everything is fine and going to be okay when we still have a lot of work to do until things can be normal again.


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