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The Spring 2021 semester has brought many changes to Keene State College from academic and Zoom-related changes to different food services on campus.
One of the most obvious changes is the addition of Sono in the Hoot-n-Scoot, a new Chipotle-style burrito bar that offers new and healthier options as opposed to what the Hoot-n-Scoot used to offer.

Sono makes it possible to get burritos, rice bowls and salads with Latin-inspired flair all in the comfort of our campus and is within walking distance from all of the residential halls. This new service offers a lot of great choices to fill your tortilla or rice bowl including cilantro, lime rice, seasoned chicken, steak and even vegan chorizo for the main parts of the burritos or Bowls, as well as different variations of salsa, veggies and guacamole for toppings.

It is perfect for those who are interested in or currently are living a more plant-based lifestyle or for those who love to eat meat and dairy. These options are much healthier and more friendly to more diets than the other options the Hoot-n-Scoot used to offer which included pizza and burgers practically every day. Since this change, Sono has been getting people lined up out the door to try this new spot since it opened on February 15.

Davis Allen, a junior at KSC said he really enjoyed the new options at Sono and that he is really happy with all of the choices at this new station. While he admits he is sad to see the personal pizzas and other hot food options go, he is excited to have new foods to try, especially when he could just get pizza or other options inside the dining commons. On the other hand, Allen said he loved the plantains they offer at Sono, which is a new, fried Latin-inspired dessert they offer to go with the new theme. Allen also said many of his friends had felt the same way; that they really enjoy the new options and are happy the change was made. Allen said that Sono is a preferable option if what is at the dining commons is not as appealing.

According to Allen, the healthier options are really appealing, as many students on campus are involved in sports and pay attention to their diet. It is also very appealing to vegans and vegetarians as almost every option there is friendly to those types of lifestyles.

After scoping out this place that has been open since the beginning of the semester, many students in this community have come to the conclusion that Sono gets an ‘A+’ as far as dining services on this campus are concerned. The variety it offers is great for students who want to try something new here on campus or those who are picky eaters.

Overall the services are great and it is exciting to see the school add these new services for the students at Keene State.


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