As the election rages on, we are seeing some interesting results in many states.

These results come from everyone from the ages of 18 to, sometimes, 90 which is interesting when it comes to the way that this election is playing out. Most people knew that the election would be a very interesting and close one, but I do not think anyone was expecting a three-day ordeal out of the 2020 election. As the votes are counted, slowly, the news and anyone watching is more capable of being able to really examine the numbers of already counted votes from each state. The ages of voters are really important when it comes to how they cast their ballots, and this election is no stranger to this idea.

There is a lot of talk about younger votes this election as for a lot of us, this is our first presidential election. Many young voters have very staunch opinions on this election, policy and the other candidates. The younger vote is critical to this election because the younger generations will be the most directly affected by this election and many more elections in the future. Younger voters lean more democratic, and it is interesting to see the ways in which this will affect this election. As of writing this, Biden is ahead in the electoral college and I think that a lot of this is because of the younger voters. Younger generations, now more than ever, are aware of the kind of impact they have, and I think that this is really having an effect on turnout of voters in their late teens and early twenties. I think that younger voter turnout, regardless of party, is really important to our country’s future.

Older people, which is defined by voters 60-years-old and older, are more apt to usually vote more moderately within the two major parties. I think the older vote will have an interesting effect on the way the election plays out. Due to their differences when it comes to politics, I think it is harder to see the direct impact of their votes on the election. However, because they are older there are more people in this age group who are registered to vote. Aforementioned, because of their more moderate opinions, they are following this American shift towards more democratic beliefs and given the results of the election so far, there is a lot of proof that this is becoming a trend in the United States.

I think the age of voters is an interesting and controversial subject. Some people think that older people’s votes should weigh less than younger voters because they are less likely to have a say in the next elections. To use a quote I heard once from the comedianJohn Mulaney on this topic, “Why order for the table when you are about to leave the restaurant?” This quote is essentially saying why should you have a say in the election that will affect everyone when you are going to “leave the restaurant”, or die?

On the contrary, younger voters are believed to have not thought the election through as much and the age should be raised to 21 and some think the age should be as young as 16. Regardless of these opinions, the age of voters plays a very important role in voter habits and they should not be a factor that is overlooked when it comes to counting ballots and examining the elections results.


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