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BodyWorks is open and ready for business despite the COVID-19 regulations that have been put in place.

Many locations on campus have had to adapt new safety precautions to cope with the pandemic and BodyWorks is no exception to this. However, according to BodyWorks Manager Charity Sweeney, all of their services are now running as usual.

“All of our programming is up and running. We have a full schedule of group fitness classes and a great, enthusiastic team of group fitness instructors,” said Sweeney. “We hope to see more people utilize all of those group fitness classes so bring a friend and come on over.”

The staff at BodyWorks is also working to make sure that all members remain safe while working out. The precautions all align with the New Hampshire Safer at Home 2.0 guidelines and include 10-foot social distancing and mask-wearing for all members during the duration of their workout. While members have gotten used to the guidelines at this point, the staff says that there was a period of adjustment for everyone going into the semester.

“I think it was a learning curve in the facility, to begin with, just teaching people to properly clean equipment before and after,” said Sweeney. “Getting people used to keeping their mask all the way on properly was an adjustment, but I do feel like we are doing really well with that now.”

Senior student manager at Bodyworks Andrea Lynch agreed that getting students used to wearing their masks while performing their workouts was the most difficult thing to adjust to.

“I feel like the mask was like the biggest issue,” said Lynch. “I feel like the spacing of everything is fine and people are respecting that the most which is good.”

With the fitness classes and equipment settled, the one thing BodyWorks is still looking for is personal training clients. The employees at BodyWorks are exercise science students and they use personal training clients to help aid in their educational experience.

There has been a shortage of clients this semester which means that some students are not able to do that one-on-one work that they usually would be doing, according to Lynch.

“From the personal training stance, we haven’t had as many clients as we wanted to so most of the practicum class have someone to train, which is really nice, but for us returners, we haven’t,” said Lynch.

With only a few weeks left in the fall semester, BodyWorks is not currently taking any clients, but if you are interested, you can get on a list for the spring semester by reaching out to Charity Sweeney or fill out a BodyWorks Personal Training Application on the website. The cost is $50 for the semester.

If you are looking for a safe, on-campus outlet for fitness, check out BodyWorks on the first and third floor of the Recreation Center. Just make sure that you come prepared to follow their guidelines and keep all of the other staff and students safe before going to workout.

“We just hope that [members] continue to clean everything they touch before and after use and that they continue to wear their masks properly the entire time they are in the facility,” said Sweeney. “I know that’s hard with certain workouts, but we want to keep the gym open and keep our staff and each other all safe.”

For quarantine-friendly workouts and updates on group fitness classes follow BodyWorks on Instagram at @kscbodyworks.


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