Confusing capacity limits on campus

The methods used to monitor capacity in certain areas are perplexing

Griffin Ell / Art Director

As the semester continues to unfold here at Keene State, the college continues to implement new rules for social distancing in confined areas around campus. These new rules that the college has put into place for social distancing are a very crucial part of allowing students to be able to come on campus during this global pandemic.

The methods that are being used to monitor how many people are in Lloyd’s Marketplace is by having the employees keep a visual track of everyone. The Equinox does not agree with this method for keeping track of how many individuals are within this certain area. The Equinox feels this way because the employees should not have to step away from their primary duties to ask a few students to leave the area to go and wait elsewhere.

As of the writing of this editorial, the current capacity limit for Lloyd’s Marketplace is 12 people, but this capacity limit has some stipulations to it. The first stipulation to the capacity limit rule is that when there are 10 or more students within the area, everyone must socially distance from each other. The second stipulation is that when there are less than 10 people within the area, people who are with a friend group do not need to socially distance.

The Equinox is unsure about these capacity limitations and is confused with these rules because how does an employee figure out who is with friends and who is not? The Equinox also feels that everyone should just social distance no matter who you’re with. The Equinox agrees that there should be complete consistency for these new rules. The Equinox feels this way because there would not be any point of having these new rules if there is not going to be any form of enforcement for the rules.

Even as students are becoming more and more cranky as the semester progresses, the majority of the employees have been very nice and considerate towards the students. The Equinox feels that the employees of Lloyd’s Marketplace should be given extra benefits. The Equinox feels this way because all of these employees are putting their own health and safety on the line to come in and make food for a bunch of stressed and hungry college students.

Another area that Keene State has implemented a capacity limitation is in the Spaulding Recreation center. The current capacity limit for the weight room is 11 occupants. The Equinox disagrees with the fact that Lloyd’s Marketplace has a larger capacity limit than the weight room even though the weight room is a significantly larger area than Lloyd’s Marketplace. The Equinox feels this way because there has seemingly been no law for the proportionality of the two areas.

As the semester continues to move along, more and more measures are being put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the college and surrounding community of Keene, New Hampshire. Yet as the rules are getting implemented, The Equinox is curious as to see how the employees will maintain control of and enforce these new rules.