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The NSE Fair took place this week, giving students an opportunity to become more familiar with student exchange programs. Each school gave a two to three minute Zoom presentation on their school, what it offers and why students should spend some time there. At the end of each school’s presentation, you were put into breakout rooms to ask various school representatives questions pertaining directly to their school. There were over 60 NSE campuses advertised throughout the virtual fair which only scratches the surface as there are 170 different NSE campuses to choose from. The fair ran throughout the week of October 19 to October 23, with sessions going throughout the day.
Spiegel talked about the benefits the NSE program offers as opposed to other student exchange programs. “Some students are looking at graduate schools and wish to take courses at a specific school or major to see if it is a good fit. NSE is a great value too,” said Spiegel.
California State University of Northridge first-year Leslie Hernandez wanted to retain all the information she could at this session. Hernandez attended the Central State session to look over all the options that NSE offers. “I want to keep an open mind on what different majors and activities NSE has to offer. There might be some things that I might not have access to in California,” said Hernandez. Although she is keeping an open mind about going to different states, she is still adamant about the fact that she would still like to attend an NSE campus in California. “If I had the option to go somewhere, I would attend the University of San Diego, I feel it would be a great experience,” said Hernandez.
University of South Dakota School Representative Jessica Winterringer had nothing but good things to say about their school. “It serves as a welcoming host for university students, as well as cultural opportunities,” Winterringer said.
Winterringer’s colleague and fellow University of South Dakota School Representative Virgnia Wilcox talked about what the University of South Dakota offers. “Our enrollment is a little under 10,000 students both undergraduate and graduate counting, and we offer a little over 200 undergraduate programs,” said Wilcox. “We have NCAA Division I athletics and more than 170 clubs and organizations.”
NSE Coordinator at Keene State College Steven Spiegel spoke very highly of the program. Spiegel said, “The NSE program offers so very much. There are 170 universities in the NSE, located in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”
With the wide variety of options the NSE program offers, it is almost impossible not to find a place for you. Spiegel went on to talk about how integral studying away is for a student’s full college experience. “It is a wonderful way of exploring different parts of the United States, taking courses in different majors than KSC offers, as well as becoming involved in student organizations,” Spiegel said.


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