The results are in. RecycleMania has ended, and Keene State has taken 21st place out of 142 competing schools with a diversion rate of 54.002 percent. 

As a reminder, RecycleMania is a friendly competition against schools to encourage colleges and universities across the country to step up recycling and composting. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) hosts these competitions and updates the colleges on their standing every week until the end of the competition. This is calculated on how much waste colleges do not put in the landfill. Keene State Recycling Coordinator Matt Bacon released an email with the results on April 14, 2020.  

    Bacon stated, “Thank you all so much for participating in RecycleMania this year!” Bacon continued to talk about how great Keene State did in the competition, releasing that KSC generated 35.33 tons of waste: 22.94 tons of compost, 10.11 tons of paper,  5.56 tons of cardboard and 2.85 tons of commingled (mixed together) waste. Keene State took second place in New England, with Berkshire Community College taking first place. Berkshire is 80.703 percent waste-free. 

    Keene State accomplished its goal. The college is now 54.002 percent waste-free in 2020, which is 4.002 percent more than the original goal. The next milestone is to make Keene state 100 percent waste-free by 2030, and we are more than halfway there. Keene State proved as a college that it will take minimal effort and a few changes to accomplish its goal for 2030. 

    In his email, Bacon also stated, “Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some information from the office regarding even more good sustainability news in the upcoming weeks.” Bacon continued by telling students to keep up the good work and good recycling habits by checking with their local transfer station to figure out what materials they can and can’t accept for recycling. 

Also, composting is easy to do at home and can cut down a lot of waste. 

Bacon stated, “Waste minimization is easy to do, and critically important to the planet.” Bacon shared these links to assist you in composting and recycling tips for recycling at home and continuing to keep up healthy habits for saving the planet. 


Composting tips and how to make compost at home:

Recycling tips and tricks:


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