Do not protest against the stay at home orders

Kirsten Somero / Equinox Staff

All throughout the country, hundreds upon thousands of people are protesting against stay-at-home orders. The main reason people are protesting against these stay-at-home orders is that staying at home without any work or income is very difficult.

I believe that the people who are going outside and protesting are being absolute morons because if they were worried about having no income then they would be staying home and allowing the curve to flatten. If we allow the curve to flatten, then the government could allow everything to go back to normal a lot faster than if we rush opening everything. If we were to open up everything now, then we would be allowing the virus to spread a lot easier, therefore prolonging the time that it will take to reopen everything.

Another reason why people are protesting against these stay at home orders is that people are afraid and fearful. When humans are afraid of something, it’s in our nature to try all we can to prevent that something from happening. I feel like people are afraid of losing their jobs, house, car or just about anything they own. I feel that people are being this way because, for starters, they don’t have a reliable source of income at the current moment. Second, people just hate that they have to change the way they go through their daily routines. The fact that people have to deal with change as a whole is an irritating thing for everyone because it’s completely natural to not like change.

People protesting against the stay-at-home orders are not the only people protesting at the moment; many doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are counter-protesting the people protesting the stay-at-home orders. In my opinion, these doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are being just as bad as the people protesting against the stay-at-home orders because they are also going outside and gathering in these large crowds. 

Although these doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are protesting, they at least have an actual reason to protest. I think that their reasoning behind protesting is because they are extremely exhausted from having to be working under incredibly stressful conditions. Many people are using the excuse that all of these doctors and nurses who are complaining about their jobs shouldn’t be complaining because they “signed up” for that job. This excuse is honestly the most feebleminded retort I have ever heard because these people didn’t sign up to be working about 20 plus hours of overtime. These people didn’t sign up to be incredibly stressed to their breaking points. Most of all these people didn’t sign up to be harassed and called fake by those who think that the whole virus is a sham and want to reopen everything. All these doctors, nurses and healthcare workers signed up to save lives, to do something good for their community and to do something actually productive with their life.


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