A new organization’s Constitution was voted into place at the Student Assembly on Tuesday, March 10.

Sophomores Cierra Tabard and Julia Messenger presented a Constitution for Bricowlage which was derived from a previous club at Keene State, the Scriptor.

Taber, who is the acting vice president said she got the name from the word Bricolage; a construction or creation from a diverse range of available things, and added the letter “w” to make the word “owl” so it was unique to Keene State.

The club will operate as an online creative arts journal. Students will have the opportunity to submit drawings, poetry, songs, stories and more to be published. “We want to show them you can do this,” said Messenger, who is currently the acting president of the organization. She and Taber both said they hope for a paper journal being published in the future.

Director of Strategic Project Management Michelle Wood presented a review of student success software applications regarding education and retention planning.

Wood said she plans to create a map of all the software services available to faculty and students to navigate and explain their purposes and uses. They plan on releasing surveys for faculty and students in early April to gather observational and statistical data.

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