Walking becomes a slippery slope

How to stay safe on and off campus during the winter months

Kirsten Somero / Equinox Staff

Tripping up the stairs or in the hall is embarrassing enough, but slipping on ice brings being hurt to a whole other level. As students, we value our safety at Keene State College, and unfortunately the freezing rain and ice rattles us. Ice skating is meant for the ice rink, yet we find ourselves sliding from point A to point B. The college plows, salts and tries to take care of the problem as much as they can, but it doesn’t mean you should run.

Another precaution the school takes is having delayed openings to help combat the weather more effectively. The only problem is that most of the time these delays only impact 8 a.m. classes, which means that students with a 10 a.m. are still at risk due to the fact that most of the time two hours is not enough time to make all of campus safe, especially when it will most likely still be snowing or raining. 

A troubling issue that the Equinox has noticed is that it seems the ice gets worse the farther you get from Appian Way and the center of the campus. This includes buildings on the outer edge of campus, such as Pondside 1 and 2, where students may find themselves slipping as soon as they walk out of the building. In order to avoid this, we strongly encourage the school to be more proactive about salting these places. 

This is, however, not just a school issue but also a Keene issue. That is because often times off campus seems to be the worst, which is even more dangerous because students who come from off campus have to do even more walking in order to get to their classes. They also have to deal with cars that could slip and even potentially cause pedestrian injuries if roads are not salted properly. 

The weather is out of our control, but we can take control of the situation as best as we can. We should be cognizant of the ice under our feet as well as the icicles above our heads. As students, we should also be extra careful at night, in dark corners where black ice hides. Taking it slow on the roads and especially in the parking lots at school is an absolute must as well. And lastly, it is well-known that we all have such busy lives, but during the winter, with wind chill and low temperatures like these, we should all take our time walking to class and other places. 

Salt can be our best friend during these winter months here in Keene, but we need to take the risk out of the question; put on rubber boots and watch where we’re walking.