Claire Boughton / Sports Editor

Keene State College Assistant Director of Clinical Operations Dr. Mac Brown said farewell to fellow KSC colleagues at a small gathering celebrating his career on Wednesday, January 29.

The staff of the Keene State Wellness Center put together a goodbye reception for Brown where they all gathered in the Wellness Center in Elliot Hall, sharing stories and laughs and commemorating Brown for the work he has done at the college.

Brown came to Keene State as part of his pre-doctoral internship in 2015, and, after graduating from his doctoral program, he eventually became the assistant director of clinical operations. As assistant director, Brown helped oversee the delivery of services to students looking for counseling and also met with students to provide therapy.

Brown said that his interest in his field stemmed from his experience in facing adversity as a Division I rower in college.

“I was injured and experienced this loss of identity at the time and found out that there was a whole field for sports psychology. That led me to pursue general clinical psychology to start, and then specializing along the way for the sports psychology component. Because my experience happened when I was in college, I wanted to work with the college population,” Brown said.

Executive Director of the Keene State Wellness Center Brian Quigley said that Brown has touched and transformed the lives of many students as a counselor and that he greatly impacted the Wellness Center’s structure.

“Mac has done a remarkable job managing operations of counseling services. We could not have operated as successfully without him. He is extremely caring, unbelievably dedicated and thoughtful,” Quigley said.

Training Director of the Wellness Center Dr. Joe Yazvac said that Brown makes things run very smoothly, calling him one of the most organized and driven people he has ever met. Yazvac added that Brown was able to become a leader among the Wellness Center’s staff in a short amount of time, speaking highly of his character.

“It is rare for someone this early in their career to assume the role that Mac did, and he did a phenomenal job with it, keeping everyone else on task and asserting himself in a very respectful way,” Yazvac said.

Assistant Director for Emotional Health Programming Forrest Seymour added that despite being older than Brown, Brown has been a mentor to him in some ways.

Brown, upon reflecting on his career, thought that he had much to be grateful for from his time working at Keene State.

“I feel as though my next step wouldn’t be possible without my time working here. Keene State is such a unique place, and I don’t find that there are many places that truly care in the way that they do here,” Brown said.

Brown is headed to the University of Colorado Boulder. There, he will work in the athletic department, offering counseling services to student-athletes as well as developing a training service for future sports psychologists.

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