Denise Ronan
Equinox Staff
Cold, cold, and colder.
Students are getting ready for those cold winter days in Keene. If this is your first year here, or if you are new to New England, you may not know how cold it really gets. Whether you love to see the temperature drop or decide to go into hibernation for the next few months, we are all going through our days feeling shorter and waiting for the snow to eventually come.
Several students here at Keene State can agree that they are not a big fan of the freezing temperatures and would rather be somewhere warmer. Junior Jennifer Mejia said, “I would rather be in Florida, or my home country the Dominican Republic. It’s always warm over there and I honestly dislike being in the cold.” Students like sophomore Caelan Schwartz make sure they keep up with their moisturizing routine in the upcoming dry months. “I get ready for winter by switching out the clothes in my closet and making sure I have a good coat, pair of gloves, a hat and scarf that will keep me warm when I’m outside,” Schwartz said, outlining the importance of bundling up and stocking up with those warm close.
Mejia also discussed following her family’s tradition. “Ever since I was young, my mother has made my siblings and I go through our closets and change our summer clothes for our winter clothes.”
We are in hot pursuit of sweater weather and No-shave November; students are adapting fairly smoothly to the chills. Schwartz is from Connecticut and is used to the cold. Her favorite thing to do in the winter is “going skiing and drinking hot chocolate.”
Along with the marshmallows, holiday music and sleds, there is a certain joy that the season brings. Schwartz stated that she really likes being in New Hampshire around this time of year and loves the snow.
Junior Nathan Tabenkin talked to me about how he loves the winter because of skiing.
Tabenkin said he “would rather be somewhere closer to the mountains,” skiing or snowboarding.
Other winter events excite students, such as shows and holiday breaks coming up soon. Mejia says her favorite thing to do in the winter is seeing the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City. “I love the Christmas spirit. That’s one thing I love about wintertime here in the U.S. and New England area,” said Mejia.

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