Reliability is the best ability

The Equinox shares its opinion on recent KSC departures

Olivia Cattabriga / Art Director

On Monday, November 11, Keene State College Title IX coordinator Kelli Jo Harper stepped down from her role. Special Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Denisha Hendricks will fill the role as the interim Title IX coordinator. According to the Keene State website, the Title IX office is there for any students who may face any form of sexual misconduct, harassment or discrimination.
This is not the first time the Title IX coordinator is changing in the last few years, with Harper recently replacing Jeffrey Maher. Harper has also not been the only notable departure from Keene State to occur this semester, with Thorne Art Director Brian Wallace, Catering Director Dorothy McCoy and Coordinator of Student Activities and Organizations Brittany Gallagher leaving this week as well.
The Equinox understands that certain positions at the college are very demanding; especially a position like Title IX coordinator, as you have the potential to be exposed to traumatic information. While you may not be the person who went through the trauma, hearing about it day after day does have some kind of impact on you.
While we feel this way, we also believe that it is not good to have this much turnover anywhere especially at a college like KSC. Losing vital staff members at a school that already has financial issues, has a reputation as a party school and struggles with retention is not a good image.
Another concern that the Equinox has is that many of these faculty members work very closely with the students. This means that these faculty members that many students have come to trust and admire will no longer be available for students when they need them.
Especially for students in a vulnerable state, it is important for them to have people they truly trust. This is not to say that Dr. Hendricks and whoever takes on the role full time will do poorly as we are sure they will do great things, but students who have gone through these experiences need consistency.
It is unknown if the exposure to trauma was a contributing factor to the departure of our most recent Title IX coordinator, The Equinox does wonder why we are seeing several people with prominent positions leaving the college. Is it just a coincidence and people are finding better opportunities? Or is there a bigger issue that the administration should be working to fix? Whatever the reason, The Equinox is sad to see these members of our campus community go. We wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.