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Have you ever wondered what spooky traditions students participate around spooky season?

Well, around Halloween, students like to participate in a smorgasbord of spooky-themed activities to get them into the Halloween spirit.

Scary movies are a must around the scariest time of the year and senior Cameron Cashman can attest to that. “I love to watch the classic horror movie ‘Halloween’ and I am really looking forward to it this year,” said Cashman.

Some students, on the contrary, flat-out refuse to take part in watching scary movies. Sophomore Paulryan Chipman stated that scary movies do not really scare them. “Ironically, I refuse to watch the season’s horror movies in a stick it to the man kind of deal,” Chipman said. “Also they’re not usually scary for me unless they’re found footage.”

Not only does Cashman love to partake in classic horror film watching for Halloween, but junior Alyssa Taylor also likes to watch a particularly scary (to some) movie around Halloween. “My favorite holiday tradition is to watch ‘The Shining’ with my friends,” Taylor said.

Not all students believe in ghosts, but that does not stop some from going and searching for ghosts with their bare hands! “I really don’t believe in ghosts or anything, but my favorite Halloween tradition is going to haunted places and trying to fight ghosts with my bare hands,” junior Jarrod Bernier stated. “They usually don’t listen and don’t fight me back so it’s kind of sad.”

How can it be Halloween without the killing of some good old vegetables? That’s right, obviously this list could not be complete without everyone’s favorite spooky-time activity of carving pumpkins. “Every year I carve pumpkins with my friends and this year I carved the Keene State Owl (Hootie) into mine,” expressed junior Courtney Leonard. “My favorite Halloween tradition is to carve pumpkins,” stated another student, Lily Flynn.

Whatever your favorite spooky-time Halloween activity may be, have a fun and safe Halloween. And remember, if there is something strange in the neighborhood, you know who to call.

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