Riding with a wild side

Last week Keene State Soccer player Benjamin Musese was riding a Green Bike around campus when suddenly, the front wheel on his bike flew off causing him to fly over his bike handles. Musese was left with his hands and face scraped up by the accident as well as not being able to play while he healed.

This situation is concerning to the Equinox because it can affect a lot of people. One major group that it could affect are the many athletes that ride these bikes. If these athletes were to crash and get hurt, then the teams would be seriously impacted as well as the sports watching community.

Another group that could be affected are the people who have trouble walking long distances and use the bikes to move around faster. They would be seriously impacted because they would not only have even more difficulty getting around campus, but they would also potentially not be able to use the bike to supplement that due to injuries.

A group that may go ignored, but is also quite important to this, is the future Green Bike riders. They may hear about this incident and completely disregard the Green Bikes when it seems to have been a freak accident. This would be a shame because it is a very nice system for Keene State to have, especially for free to all students.

While the Equinox believes the Green Bike Program is a great program offered by the college, we also believe there can be more precautions taken to ensure the safety of the students riding them. First, Green Bike should offer helmets to all students who rent bikes from them. Although a helmet won’t protect you during every bike injury, it will reduce the risk of a concussion or other forms of head trauma.

The Equinox also thinks students and those renting out the bikes should test ride them up and down Appian Way before they commit to riding one for the whole semester. Most students are not bike experts. If there is an issue, they may not be able to tell. That’s why it would be important for the person renting the bike to also try and ride it beforehand.

Green Bikes has said they are concerned people have been tampering with the bikes, which resulted in the accident last week. If the bikes are being tampered with, it’s important for students to lock up their bikes or bring them inside. Lastly, students should remember that these are not new bikes. They are recycled and old bikes that have been fixed up to function for the purpose of riding; treat them with this in mind.