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Two new exhibits were introduced at the Thorne Art Museum

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Kathryn Spadafora

Equinox Staff

The Thorne Art Gallery at Keene State College welcomed two new exhibitions to their gallery. The event—which ran from 4 to 7 pm. on Thursday, October 17—featured “Tall Tales,” a mixed-media installation by John Rasimus, and “Spin Me Round,” a ceramics exhibition. Artists featured in “Spin Me Round” included, Emily Murphy, Autumn Cipala, Todd Wahlstrom, as well as 10 other creators.

“‘Spin Me Round’ is a ceramic show in which all the artists use the potter’s wheel as a starting point for making their work,” stated Paul McMullan, faculty coordinator of the event. “There is a wide range of approaches to making ceramics in this exhibition. All of the artists in the show have some connection to New England. ‘Tall Tales’ is by Swedish artist John Rasimus. John flew in from Falun, Sweden to put up his printmaking installation… His prints are full of fun images and tons of color. The Swedish Arts Council helps fund this exhibition.”

At 4 p.m., the evening began with John Rasimus presenting his mixed-media installation “Tall Tales.” Attendees were then able to talk with Rasimus and ask him questions throughout the event.

Set up in the gallery was the “Spin Me Round” ceramics display, through which attendees could walk at their leisure. This exhibit showcased a variety of pottery from 13 different artists—all of whom share a connection with New England. One of these artists, Emily Murphy, comes from Keene herself and got her beginnings in ceramics at summer camps hosted by the Keene State College Ceramics Department.

“The show is the vision of Paul McMullan,” said Murphy, when asked about the process of creating art for the exhibition. “He brought together a group of artists from all over to exhibit together. Although the individual artists were not working together when making the work for the show, we had faith that Paul had a vision of how the work would fit together… My work is handcrafted porcelain. It is thrown on a potter’s wheel and decorated and impressed by hand. I love the idea of creating pieces that will be part of a family’s traditions—whether it is a cake stand for a birthday party or a mug for the daily ritual of your morning coffee,” said Murphy.

Murphy also discussed her personal connection to the Thorne Art Gallery, stating, “There is something special about exhibiting my work here at the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery at KSC. I have been to many exhibits there over the years.”

At the end of the evening was a reception in the lobby, at which food and beverages were provided. This gave guests an opportunity to socialize both among  one another and with the artists. Both students and community members showed up to view the opening of the new exhibits—and students working at the Thorne Art Gallery noticed the influx of turnout.

“According to the records, 123 people showed up!” exclaimed Melody Crist, a sophomore who works at the Thorne and attended the event.

“The Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery is looking to be a bigger part of the Keene State College student experience. It’s an amazing space with tons to offer.” —– Paul McMullan, Public Programs and Educational Outreach Coordinator at the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery.

“Spin Me Round” and “Tall Tales” will remain open at the Thorne Art Gallery until December 11, 2019.

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