Dear Editor:

My name is Stewart Rogers.  I’m a “old hippie” living in Durham, NC.

I’m one of 50 old hippies who recently wrote a collection of memoirs titled What Happened to the Hippies: Voices and Perspectives. Published by McFarland Books, the book describes how we joined the counter-culture movement in the 1960’s and early 70’s, how our values have matured over time, and why we still believe that love, peace, and understanding are the only viable solutions to the problems of the world.

Your readers will be intrigued by our book for several reasons.  First, baby boomers and others fascinated by the hippie era will enjoy a fresh look back at this extraordinary time in American history.  This period is particularly noteworthy as we remember the 50th anniversary of events such as the Woodstock Music Festival earlier this year.

More importantly, your readers will experience a unique perspective on today’s divisive cultural landscape. We invite those of all political persuasions to consider whether our idealism, grounded in the past, may offer new answers for today.

For some, hippies symbolized the worst of American youth – dirty, drug-crazed dropouts, listening to the devil’s music, obsessed with free love and LSD, spitting in the faces of hardworking law-abiding citizens who made this country great.

But if you look beyond the psychedelic veneer and listen to the voices in our book, you’ll see something in short supply today – hope. We still believe that love is all you need, that flower power can overcome bombs, that kind hearts can dissolve racism, that character is more important than money, and that the American Dream is Dr. King’s dream of a nation with liberty and justice for all.

By reviewing the book, publishing short excerpts, or interviewing one of our writers, your publication can help readers reexamine their own values, feel more hopeful, and imagine new solutions to the world’s seemingly intractable problems.

Please review our website for more details and contact me directly to discuss the possibilities.

Best regards –Stewart