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Fall intramural sports are now officially in full swing at Keene State, as the new floor hockey and 4 vs. 4 volleyball teams started competition last week.

On Monday, September 23, the new teams from each sport took to the floors of Spaulding Gym’s Recreation Center for the first games of their seasons. A total of 18 volleyball teams and six floor hockey teams signed up to play this season, all craving the chance to enjoy the custom t-shirts and bragging rights that come with being intramural champions.

Along with flag football, floor hockey and 4 vs. 4 volleyball now shape an exciting and unique trio of intramural sports happening on campus.

As documented last week, flag football began in early to mid-September. In flag football, teams play a safer alternative to the traditional game of football. Most rules are the same, except for the primary one: no tackling. Instead, to “tackle” an opponent, you must grab and remove flags that are hanging from their uniforms.

Floor hockey offers a couple of twists to the conventional sports of hockey and/or field hockey. At Keene State, floor hockey is played on the rubber court in Spaulding Gym’s Recreation Center instead of on a turf field or in a rink. Similar to field hockey, teams play with a rubber ball instead of a puck. But, just like athletes in their sister sports, floor hockey players use hockey sticks to strike the ball. Otherwise, it’s simple: the team that scores the most goals wins the game.

Finally, 4 vs. 4 volleyball is a smaller version of the regular game of volleyball. In classic volleyball competition, each team gets six players on the court at a time, and can substitute players at any time in between sets or points. However, in 4 vs. 4 volleyball, the teams are not only smaller, but they do not have any substitute players to swap in and out throughout their matches. Each team only gets four players, and in most cases, those same four players will be the ones competing throughout the entire season. The only exception to this would be if a team does not have enough players to compete in a particular game they can have other random people play on their team in that game to avoid having to forfeit.

With that being said, let’s discuss all the intramural sports action that took place this past week.

The week began Sunday night with flag football’s third week of competition. It started with a battle of the mud teams at the Owl Athletic Complex, as the Mud Dogs (0-2) took on the Mud Puppies (2-0). Despite their team names, it was the Mud Puppies who made the Mud Dogs look like they were puppies out on the field. The Mud Puppies scored the biggest and most lopsided win of the season so far, defeating the Mud Dogs 63-zip.

Later that night, one of the final three undefeated teams suffered their first loss of the season. Baker’s Dozen (1-1) defeated Show us your TD’s (2-0) in a close contest, 27-20, meaning both teams walked away from the match with records of 2-1.

As mentioned previously, Monday, September 23 marked the start of floor hockey and 4 vs. 4 volleyball competition. In floor hockey, Team Natty got an impressive victory over Hold this Corn, 12-4.

Then, three volleyball matches took place, with the best of three sets picking up the victory in each match. The winners ended up being Kiss My Ace, Spike It Like It’s Hot and How I Set Your Mother. Kiss My Ace and How I Set Your Mother swept each of their opponents two sets to nothing, while Spike It Like It’s Hot needed all three sets to get their victory, 2-1.

Tuesday, September 24 saw action amongst all three of the intramural sports. In volleyball, I’d Hit That and Cross Fires both picked up victories by way of sweeps, while the Acer’s won their match by forfeit. Floor hockey had one game, as the RA’s on Duty wrote up a loss for BAC .215, 10-8. Then, flag football played under the lights at the Complex, as Electric Factory defeated the Dream Team 37-12, and Hoss State ‘20 got their first win of the season over Team Purple, 36-0.

The week ended on Wednesday with some more floor hockey and volleyball activity. In floor hockey, the Nagle Memorial Team got a win by forfeit, meaning no action was had on the rubber court that night. However, volleyball lit things up on the hardwood as Protected Sets, Blair Hits Project and Mukin Barn all picked up victories. Blair Hits Project won two sets to nothing, while Protected Sets and Mukin Barn got their wins two sets to one.

So, while it’s still a bit too early in the season to tell which floor hockey and volleyball teams look poised for championship glory, the true title contenders of flag football are starting to become apparent. Only two teams are still undefeated, as the Mud Puppies improved to a perfect record of 3-0 with their huge 63-0 win over the Mud Dogs on September 22. The other still-undefeated football team is the Mukin Barn, with a record of 2-0. The Mukin Barn was scheduled to play TDs out for the Boys this past week, but had to reschedule, and will instead play two games in their fourth week of competition to make up for it.

Now, the question is: Will those flag football teams remain undefeated for another week? And which floor hockey and 4 vs. 4 volleyball teams will remain undefeated next week? Stay tuned to find out.

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