Georgie Gentile

Equinox Staff

Hello and welcome to the fourth issue of this advice column! I’m Georgie Gentile and I am a sophomore at Keene State College majoring in film production and English writing, as well as minoring in German. If you have a question that you want me to answer, you can email it to

This week I will keep answering questions related to the spooky holiday coming up: Halloween!

Question: What activities can I do on Halloween?

Answer: One of the obvious things you can do is party. Because it is such a popular holiday, there will be a large amount of parties happening that night. But you do not need to go to them! I personally find college parties overwhelming and a pain to get into, so I just don’t go. If you want to socialize with friends, you can throw a party yourself in your dorm or in a study room. A simple get-together with friends is always fun and not very stressful. Play some games, watch a movie, get snacks—it’s that easy. You don’t even need to necessarily do anything on Halloween if you don’t want to. Just chill that night and eat some candy.

Question: How can I be safe on Halloween?

Answer: An easy way to feel safe while having fun on Halloween is to stay with a group of people. Don’t make the group huge, though. Just a handful of friends you trust and feel comfortable around to spend the evening together. If you are all at a party, you can easily make sure everyone is accounted for before leaving and heading somewhere else. Make sure you have your phone and can contact everyone you are with, too. Don’t feel pressured to drink, either, especially if you are somewhere you don’t feel comfortable. You can just hold a cup and put water or even some snacks in it.

Question: Should I wear a costume on Halloween?

Answer: If you want to wear a costume, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. I guess unless you have to wear a uniform for work or have an event with a specific dress code. But a lot of students wear their costumes to class on Halloween. There isn’t really “trick-or-treat” on campus, but some teachers like to bring candy to class, as well as resident assistants who are on duty that night. You don’t need to go all-out on your costume, either. I know people who spend a month on their costume, making it themselves. But I also know people who just buy a costume from Walmart or online the week before. There are people who don’t even wear costumes. It just depends on what you want to do this time around.

Question: What can I do after Halloween?

Answer: I always love the couple of days that follow Halloween because of all the sales that go on. You can get candy on sale for really cheap, as well as autumn decorations. Some people even buy their costumes for next year because the prices get marked down so much. The next big holiday after Halloween is Thanksgiving, so you can start getting ready for that. Except it usually is overlooked because Christmas is just around the corner. Just try to keep up with schoolwork this November because once Thanksgiving happens, finals will be sneaking up.

I hope you enjoyed my advice. See you next week! Happy Halloween!

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