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Cristian Valentin

Opinions Editor

The Fraternity Phi Lambda Chi has its new “Phi Lamb Lady,” and her name is Angelique Inchierca (In-key-err-Ka) , junior multimedia journalism major. Angelique Inchierca is currently Social Media Director of the Equinox.

The Phi Lamb Lady Pageant is a competition between close friends of the fraternity to be an honorary member. This competition includes an intro where every contestant is introduced, a brother impersonation, a talent portion and questions at the end. The event also raised $195 for the Special Olympics.

Inchierca said she was very happy to win. “Even though I’m really excited, I didn’t think I would win just because I love my sisters who were also running. I think they’re all so talented and have been around longer than I have, but I ended up getting it,” said Inchierca.

According to Inchierca, she wanted to be Phi Lamb Lady because the brothers mean so much to her. “I made connections with the brothers and they were the first organization to make me really feel I was a part of Greek Life,” said Inchierca. She added, “Their philanthropy also means a lot to me. I have a lot of friends who are deaf or that have some special needs.”

This bond between organizations goes both ways. “I think a lot of people join organizations because they like those people in it, but part of being in these orgs is also spending time with the community around that organization. Everybody gets along and you get to make bonds and meet new people,” said Phi Lamb member Alexander Castro.

According to Phi Lambda Chi President Travis Thuotte, a lot of effort went into this event. “Phi Lambda Chi fraternity had made a great attribution to getting people out on campus, making sure that our alumni had contact and having huge alumni support along with campus support,” said Thuotte. He also said getting to work with so many people and see familiar faces was his favorite part of the event.

The pageant was held in the Mabel Brown Room Saturday, October, from 3 to 5 p.m. Other contestants included Alyssa Gesualdi, Adriana Daniel and Nadia Hasan.

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