The season has been kicked off

KSC students and faculty get together to host the Season Kick Off Party

Puja Thapa/ Administrative Executive Editor

Kathryn Spadafora

Equinox Staff

On Wednesday, September 11, the Redfern Center For the Arts at Keene State College hosted its annual Redfern Season Kickoff Party. At 4:30 pm, attendees of the event gathered on the Redfern stage for food and socialization, while students from the Keene State Jazz Combo provided music. Attendees of the event included community members, local artists and Keene State students interested in the arts.

“I like theater and art, so I wanted to see what was going on on campus,” stated one sophomore student attendee [name anonymous]. “I’m considering joining theatre in the future.”

At 5 pm, programming began as professors from various arts departments at Keene State shared what their programs have to offer in the upcoming season. The night began with the Redfern Presents series: including musical group Slavic Soul, Roger Guenveur Smith’s new production “Otto Frank,” Ephrat Asherie Dance, Sandglass Theater’s production “Babylon,” and more. The night then continued with a presentation on the music department, with a performance from cellist Dr. Rebecca Hartka and guitarist Dr. Jose Lezcano, who played a sample from their upcoming recital.

“There’s nothing more powerful than art to connect you to your humanity, and to your creativity, and it will enrich any academic endeavor,” stated Hartka. “Students here are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with professors, even if they’re a non-major.”

Following the music department was a presentation on the theatre and dance department from Professor Celine Perron, and an overview of the art department from Professor Jonathan Mirrin—both of whom provided attendees with an upcoming list of events in their departments. This included the Thorne Art Gallery, Evening of Dance, Choreography Showcase and a production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.”

An evening of art and community alike, the 2019 Redfern Season Kickoff Party showcased an upcoming year full of arts at Keene State for students to enjoy. Pamphlets with more information regarding the Redfern season may be found in the lobby of the Redfern Arts Center.

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