The power of being informed

Exercising our civic duty

Puja Thapa/ Administrative Executive Editor

As we all get older, it begins to get more and more important to be an informed citizen. This is something that many people realize. While some people prefer not to get involved in the heated topic known as politics, at the Equinox, we believe it is incredibly valuable to follow politics and know what’s happening in the world.

This is because citizens have the power in a democracy due to them being the ones to elect officials. If people just ignore politics and do not try to get informed, then they are just wasting this responsibility.  Especially in this age of advanced technology, it is easier than ever to find out the facts and act quickly when things happen. People could make a difference in the world just by choosing to read the news for five minutes a day instead of going on social media.

Even members of our staff who do not pay much attention to politics believe that it is important to be informed. To be aware of the decisions being made means you’re being aware of what’s being done to the other citizens in your country. By choosing not to act or ignoring certain movements, they are at least stating their priorities and making an informed decision about the policies that matter to them. Being unaware and refusing to learn is refusing to perform your responsibility to your fellow citizens.

A sad truth however, is that the abundance of technology has made the distribution of fake news much easier. This has made it hard to differentiate the truth of what’s happening from the lies. It can be exhausting to try and read through what is credible. It makes many want to avoid politics altogether.

While people have the choice to be politically tuned in or not, many believe it is our duty as citizens to voice our opinions. The political world seems like it is completely money driven, but that is not the case.The people can decide what policies politicians stand by. If politicians don’t listen to the people, they will be voted out of office. Our voices are much louder than often perceived.    

The staff has also voiced the concerns of the demographic of  people outside of the country, who are more in tune than most americans into our politics and see and deal with the repercussions. Due to the lack of people who are making correct and informed decisions with who we put in office.  No matter what we do, who we put in office, or how it’s done someone is being affected by it in some way. So it is imperative we choose someone who seeks out the majority’s best interest.

In conclusion, political awareness is the responsibility of the citizens in a democracy because making a misinformed vote can seriously impact people’s lives. Some people may not like the misinformed opinions and decide to not vote at all because they think their vote doesn’t matter, but they are wrong. If everybody that felt that way decided to vote, they would make a serious impact and counter the misinformed votes.