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Connor Crawford

Student Life Editor

Whether you are a student that lives on campus or off, there will be a variety of challenges to face. There are plenty of on-campus housing choices that the school has to offer if you like the comfortable setting of the campus. On the other hand, there is an overwhelming number of off-campus choices as well to suit your housing needs.

Robin Picard, the Coordinator of Student and Community Relations, described some of the difficulties students have when moving off-campus. “The reality of what it means to be off-campus [is a challenge]. It’s a great next step for students, but I feel like it has this romantic idea of what it will entail,” Picard said. “Having to be responsible and keeping the house clean and having to be respectful to neighbors.”

It is no secret that living in an off-campus house is vastly different than living in a residence hall. Denis Ronan is a junior who now lives off-campus. “[It’s] a lot more freeing. Even though there are a lot more responsibilities, it is nice to leave campus and have my own place,” Ronan said. “I feel like more of an adult because I am living on my own and paying my own rent.”

On the other hand, students who live off-campus are still a part of the Keene State community. “My friends are always on campus at different times, and I still try to go to trivia, bingo and all of those big events as well!” Ronan said.

However, on-campus living experience can still be a rewarding one, especially if you take full advantage of what it has to offer. Junior Alyssa Taylor said living on campus was nice. ”I like living on campus because I feel more involved,” Taylor said. “I love being able to bond with people and students living in the same dorm with me, and the activities you do because you can’t really do that in an apartment.”

Even though Taylor has lived on campus for the past two years, she has often pondered the idea of living off-campus. “[Off-campus] is cheaper and I feel like I would have my own space and have my own kitchen.”

If you are interested in living off-campus for the next academic year, Picard said, “I am always willing to talk with students about leases and meet with them. I will soon be doing workshops in residence halls where second-year students are living. If students could work together and not sign their leases so early, I think students could help market prices to go down.”  If you have any questions regarding off-campus housing, Picard can be contacted at

Overall, wherever you choose to live during your experience here can be a rewarding one. Whether you plan on living off campus, living on campus or are currently living on campus, make the best of it and take advantage of every opportunity that comes with living in both

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