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This semester, “Inside Intramurals” will be a weekly column which takes a look at one of Keene State College’s top extracurricular activities: Intramural sports. “Inside Intramurals” will highlight standings and results from intramural games each week, feature stories about unique players on some of the intramural sports teams and more. This week, we will discuss what intramural sports are, and why one would want to join.

Intramural sports are one of the most popular extracurricular activities at Keene State College. With dozens of different team sports happening in the fall, winter and spring, intramurals give students the opportunity to spend time with friends by doing a fun activity, or meet new friends by bonding through playing a sport together. Intramurals also give students who played sports in high school, but not at the collegiate level, a chance to keep playing the sport that they love.

David Sweeney, the Coordinator of Intramural Sports and Club Sports at Keene State, offers a unique selling point to students who might be interested in joining intramurals.

“When I’m selling someone on playing intramurals, I want to know what’s stopping them from doing it,” Sweeney said. “A lot of students don’t think they have time for intramurals, which can be discouraging, but not having time is one of the biggest falsehoods about intramurals.”

Sweeney explained that no matter what team you play on, games typically last no more than one hour each, and each team only plays one game a week, sometime between Sunday and Wednesday. Furthermore, if time is still an issue, practice schedules tend to be light too.

“The practice times are decided by the teams,” Sweeney said. “Some teams don’t even practice regularly, so there’s not a huge practice commitment. People think they don’t have the time, but that’s not true at all.”

Another encouraging factor of signing up is that the process is quick and easy.

To sign up and play intramurals, all you have to do is create an IMLeagues account online. The process includes going to www.imleagues.com, clicking sign up, selecting “Keene State College” in the drop down menu, and then entering your name and Keene State email address. Then, click “sign up”, and you’re good to go!

Plus, IMLeagues has many more features than just a list of sports you can join.

“IMLeagues.com is great because you can see who won, you can look at schedules, playoff standings, you can see registration deadlines,” Sweeney said.

On another note, Keene State’s intramural sports are a mostly student-driven operation. Students get to make their own teams, select their own teammates and eventually come up with a name for their team. Also, students are in charge of officiating, scorekeeping and supervising for all of the games.

Now, these details may not sound appealing to students who are going into intramurals without knowing anybody yet. But luckily, IMLeagues has a solution to that problem too.

“On IMLeagues, there is a ‘free agent feature,’” said Sweeney. “So if you don’t know any people, you can make an account and look at your options. You can see what teams are looking for extra players, or team captains can look at their free agent choices and you can get selected to a team that way.”

Intramurals happening on campus right now include flag football, a softball tournament, 4 vs. 4 volleyball and floor hockey. While registration has closed for all of those sports, registration for a tennis tournament will be open until September 24, and registration for sports such as table tennis, 3 on 3 basketball, dodgeball, pickleball and billiards will be opening in October for those looking to get in on the fun.

“If you want to play, play!”

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