Mixed Reactions

Spring Concert does not live up to expectations

Luke Stergiou / Equinox Staff

Joseph Guzman

Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Mabel Brown Room was stuffed with eager college students looking to see one of their favorite Artists/Celebrities perform here at Keene State when opener Flipp Dinero and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie took the stage Friday night, May 3 at 7:00 p.m.

First-year Tina Clay said, “The first song that I heard by A Boogie was ‘drowning,’ and when his new album dropped it was so good, everyone was talking about and I looked at it and got into it. Which made me look into his older songs.” Clay said that she loves his music. “I’ve been listening to him and being a ‘fan’ you could say since Christmas,” Clay said. She added that she prefers to listen to fellow rapper Lil Skies. The songs she was mostly excited to see were “Look back at it,” “Love Drugs and Sex,” and “My s—.” Both “Look Back at it” and “Love Drugs and Sex” are on Boogie’s newest album “Hoodie Szn” and “My S***” is on his mixtape “Artist.” Clay said she thought the whole event was good. “I definitely expected a lot more from him and he was alright live,” Clay said.

Sophomore Henry Hobson said, “ The performance was weak, he didn’t even rap on beat and he was barely even trying to lip sync.” He said that he was introduced to Boogie by a friend who showed him the song “Look back at it” and how he was excited to see it live. Hobson said he mainly showed up for the opener of the concert more than the headliner. Hobson said, “I’m not a fan, I Iike Flipp Dinero more.” Hobson added, “I didn’t see the end of it because I left early since we were disappointed with his performance and since he was so late.”

Freshman Dan Schumann said he was on the more casual side of Boogie’s fanbase, and said his favorite song by Boogie was his early 2017 hit single featuring Kodak Black “Drowning.” Schumann said, “I thought the performance was really good, but he could’ve actually sang along more instead of letting it just play behind him.”

One similarity that Clay, Hobson, and Schumann had was all said that they had left the performance early before Boogie was finished with his set.  Schumann said he didn’t see the end, “…The wait for Boogie was long but definitely worth it. People were getting very rowdy and upset because of the wait.” Schumann even said that one of the most interesting things that happened were the fights that broke out during Dineros set. Schumann said, “The fights were mostly between some crazy [people]…  pulling hair and swinging at each other. One was so bad Flipp stopped for a minute to tell them to chill.”

This concert had already started some controversy around Keene State due to the number of tickets sold and concerns about whether or not it would be safe to fit that many people in the Mabel Brown Room. (For details please refer to “Anxious tensions are rising” April 10, 2019, or http://kscequinox.com/2019/04/anxious-tensions-are-rising/ ) Some students had a positive experience of the concert, but many did not.

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