Olivia Cattabriga / Art Director

Joseph Guzman

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Cole Bennett is currently pioneering a new lane in terms of young euterpenuireship and directing. However, success doesn’t come overnight. Bennett got his start from seeking out underground talent in the rap community, trying to see if he could direct music videos for them. Bennett first started with friends, then later he managed to reach new wave rap Monicals like Ski Mask the Slump God, Lil Skies, Mac Miller, etc. What caused all of this to fall into the lap of the a current 22 year old?

He started his Youtube channel called Lyrical Lemonade back on March 25 of 2013. Listing his greatest influence as Austin Vesely who, at the time, was working with Chicago native Chance the Rapper. The first music video that caused him to gain some viral traction was be a collaborative music video he did for Famous Dex’s “Hit Em Wit It.” Highlighting drawn lines added a pop on whatever movement is shown, when music videos more focused on the editing than the production. Of course, the style of music videos Bennett was producing didn’t last forever, but it did create a solid foundation on where he started. These older viral hits with artists like Famous Dex and Lil Pump garnered over 18 million views for “Hit Em Wit It” and over 170.3 million views for “D Rose.” This all leads to the channel accumulating over 9 million subscribers and 2,866,372,602 views and rising.

The success of Lyrical Lemonade doesn’t stop with Bennett and the music videos he directs, shoots and edits though. Lyrical Lemonade started hosting their own shows, leading to the company eventually hosting “Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash” on August 19 of last year, presented by Chicago music venue SPKRBX.  Lemonade also has been teasing is their own line of lemonade that should be released sometime in this spring, according to their Instagram and website.

The hype for Bennett and his underground brand doesn’t stop spreading past Chicago; it makes its way here to Keene State with first years Breeana Norton, Teddy Woods and Felicia Canning. “I watch his videos and buy his clothing. His visuals give a more creative and unique aspect to music that other producers can’t achieve,” Woods exclaimed. Norton stated about Bennett,  “They make it seem like an artistic platform, like music videos aren’t just people lip syncing and dancing around, it can be other things.” Canning added, “I think his music videos are interesting,” alluding to the fact that they make her “want to learn more about music.”

Norton also mentioned that because of Bennetts music video “Mixed personalities” by YNW Melly ft. Kanye West, she was introduced to controversial rapper YNW Melly. Woods followed up saying he stumbles across new music through Lyrical Lemonade “all the time. A lot of the artists that I listen to now are because of Cole.” They all agreed that since Bennett has entered, he has popularized such a niche avenue for specifically music video directing and editing. Woods even said, “he definitely has a large following that he uses to influence people every day. He is able to give many other producers ideas and motivation to pursue their goals.”

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