Selena Legacy

Equinox Staff

Alternative Medicine is real and can do great amounts of healing to ones body and mind, though these practices lack biological proof and are unstable. Being on campus, and with the hours of the Wellness Center can provide, it can be hard to find ways to get the care you need. There is a social norm that alternative medicine is only used by spiritual people. However, the rise for inexpensive care to the body and mind is growing.

Aromatherapy is the biggest alternative medicine for the mind on the rise. Aromatherapy uses essential oils and plant extracts and can be used for many needs. Mayo clinic wrote, “Some studies have shown that aromatherapy might have health benefits including: Relief from anxiety and depression, improved quality of life, particularly for people with chronic health conditions, improved sleep.” Lavender scent can help with relaxation and calming stress. Lavender is also known to help with balance. Chamomile helps with anxiety, and peppermint is helpful to digestion. Diffusers that emit essential oils can be used in the dorms and is as easy as adding a few drops into the water and letting the aromas relieve a uptight atmosphere.

An alternative way to reduce stress and sleep insomnia is meditation. We have all heard of this, and some feel like it takes too much effort. Actually putting in the work to meditate will help boost your self esteem tremendously. Psychology Today worte, “It boosts your health, increases immune function and decreases pain. It boosts your happiness, increases positive emotion, decreases depression, decreases anxiety, decreases stress. It boosts your social life, increases social connection & emotional intelligence. It boosts your self-control, improves your ability to regulate your emotions. It changes your brain, increases your focus & attention, improves your memory, and improves your ability to be creative & think outside the box.” Meditation can be useful in a stressful environment like college. Finding place to ease your mind daily will alleviate the stress and overactive mind of a college student.

Diet is another way to alternate your way of living. Herbal teas act like medicine to your mind. “Chamomile has been used as a treatment for everything from bruises to fevers,” said Bayer herbal medicine. “Sage tea was such a popular treatment for sore throats and stomach pains that it spread from the Mediterranean all the way to China. A member of the mint family, sage is rich in essential oils and flavonol glycosides that not only have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties but can also reduce glucose levels.” Healthline stated, “Passionflower tea is traditionally used to relieve anxiety and improve sleep, and studies have begun to support these uses.” Herbal tea can be very beneficial to a college student. Tea can also be a great alternative to coffee. Plus, herbal tea comes with great medicinal purposes. Heavenly Tea Leaves stated, “A true health food and a powerful form of alternative or integrative medicine. Adding various teas in your daily routine can help you start taking the ‘whole-person’ approach in order to treat or prevent certain ailments and contribute to overall well-being. Health is simply a collection of habits. One day at a time, including tea can be one simple and life-altering habit.”

Promoting alternative medicine on campus can help the wellbeing among students.

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