Luke Stergiou / photo editor

Izzy Harris

  Equinox Staff

It takes a special person to master the game of failure.

“What I love about softball is that’s it’s a game of failure. If you have a batting average one out of three, you’re doing better than the average person,” [But it means you’ve failed two times out of three,] said senior Molly St. Germain.

She said, “[Softball is] a game that requires you to be mentally tough. It sets you apart from other athletes where you can fix the mistakes right away, whereas in softball you might have to wait the whole game to fix a mistake.”

Germain has been playing softball for 16 years now, and she said she gets an adrenaline rush when she is playing.

“I always feel I’m on top of the world,” noted Germain.

Head Coach Carrah Fisk Hennessey (Keene State College alum ‘99) said that a well-rounded softball player can “Play at least two positions really well,” which Germain does.

“She’s our first pitcher, she’s our best hitter, and when she’s not pithing she plays 2nd base,” said teammate Cassie Woods.

In addition, Hennessy said for a well-rounded player, “I want you to be a softball player in terms of skills, but a good softball player in terms of knowledge of the game and strength, and I want you to be a good human too.”

“She is surprisingly quick, she’s quick on the bases, powerful at the plate, [and] sneaky at the plate,” Hennessy said.

Hennessey noted that not only does Germain stand out in terms of her skill, but also that she cares so much about the sport and her teammates.

“Molly is the leader who can hold people accountable without them taking it the wrong way,” Hennessy said.

“She’s super happy, and positive and motivated. It makes everyone around her motivated,” noted Woods.

Woods said, “She leads by example. She doesn’t force her seniority on anybody. She doesn’t act like a senior but she’s a role model.”

Woods said she described Germain as very determined, “She’s always looking to improve herself and her the team.”

Germain said, “I’ve always been raised on the fact that’s its team first and you go out there and do your job.”

“When I’m up to bat, I think ‘we need to get a hit so we can score,’ if I’m pitching, I think ‘we need to strike this girl out so we can get in and get to bat.’ I’ve always been raised on the fact that it’s team first and you go out there and do your job,” said Germain. “Softball has taught me hard work and that everything is not going to come to you the first time you try things and it’s okay to fail.”

Germain still has goals she hopes to crush heading into her last softball season at Keene State.

Germain said that during her freshman year, the softball team made it to the semi finals for the LEC’s. This year, Germain said, “I hope that we win LEC’s. I want to end it one step further.”

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