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Austin Smith

      Equinox Staff

New Hampshire weather has given the baseball team the cold shoulder, turf could be its rebuttal.

The random New Hampshire weather can wreak havoc on the ground, this can greatly affect the playing conditions for the baseball team. The baseball team has already had to move four games to a different location due to field conditions. Coach Ken Howe said, “It’s tough because of transportation, for one thing, we’re paying to rent vans.”

Moving games to different venues is a job that involves many people. One of the people involved in the is Assistant Athletic Director Abe Osheyack. Osheyack said, “I work in concert with the coaches to reschedule the games.”

The team has moved two games to Franklin Pierce in Ringe, and another two to Mansfield Connecticut. As a result of these changes, Keene State has had to pay for transportation, umpires, and food for the players. The cost of changing venue’s can be expensive, Interim Athletic Director, Denisha Hendricks said, “It depends on where you’re changing it to, it could be as small as $400-$500 or it could be as large as a couple thousand dollars.

One possible solution to this would be to put in a turf field for the baseball and softball teams. This would reduce the amount of games that are either postponed or changed to a different venue. While this would help, it is also an expensive project. Hendricks said, “That’s easily a $750,000 project, could be a $1.5 million project.”

The turf field could possibly be used for more than just the baseball and softball teams. They could be used for summer rentals while the students are on break, they could also be used for rec sports. Howe said, “The field can be used for rec sports, activities when we’re not out there.”

The field could also help bring in money for the college through a variety of ways, Howe said, “We were able to go over to Franklin Pierce, with a cost, it’s a way to bring money in.” Schools like Franklin Pierce are able to rent their field out when they are not using it.

Although the baseball team has had to move four games to different fields and the softball team has not had to, this does not mean that they shouldn’t get a turf field as well. It would not be fair to give one team a turf field and not the other. If this were to happen the school would run into issues with Title IX. Title IX is a law that states that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

According to Hendricks there has been no official proposal for a turf field. Hendricks did however say that a turf field is a “Priority capital projects plan for the athletics department.”

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