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Isabella Pratt

Equinox Staff

A college education is both a privilege and something that has now become common in today’s day and age. The prestige of the university is also an important factor in finding jobs, and has a high value tied to it, when an education should simply be an education. This allows for separation between the elite and those schools that are not considered so highly— leading to people taking necessary measures to get into their “dream school” simply for the title and connections that it may hold.

The latest news on this topic is Olivia Giannulli, daughter of Full House Actress, Lori Loughlin, and fashion designer, Mossimo Giannulli. She was supposedly recruited for the crew team at University of Southern California with no prior crew experience. Being recruited for a Division I sports team often leads to waving some requirements that the school is looking for which is why her parents did this to help her get in. They bribed the school upwards of $500,000 for their daughters to attend the prestigious university.

Lori Loughlin has been charged with “conspiracy to commit mail fraud.” This is not only immoral but also takes away the opportunities of other hard working students that are much more deserving of that education. Olivia Giannulli is also known for her presence on YouTube and have made videos about how she doesn’t even like school, and “is just here to go to tailgates, hang out with friends and get the college experience.” This shows that college is not a source of furthering her education, but simply a title to have.

This is not the first incidence of colleges accepting bribes from celebrities to accept their children.“Documents show those indicted allegedly paid millions in bribes to get their children into elite colleges. Those colleges include Yale, Stanford and the University of Southern California” stated the L.A. Times. Universities are losing their morality and status, to simply have an endowment and some press. Those who are lucky enough to afford and attend a college should value the education along with the experience and be inquisitive when their college is focused in other areas. This also brings to the surface the power of money and how some colleges are swayed by the amounts that they are receiving when merritt and providing opportunities for those who deserve them should always be the number one goal.

College should be a match to your academic ability and should be considered a privilege no matter where you go, while now it is treated as a contest to see who can attend the most accredited school. Celebrities are some of the biggest culprits of getting into schools based on status over merritt. It brings press to the school and makes the celebrities look intelligent as well, so a win-win right? This is actually quite the opposite as it takes away opportunities from hard-working, talented, and deserving students.  Next time you find yourself or some friends complaining about college, be grateful for the opportunities you have, as some people who truly deserve  an education simply aren’t given the chance.

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