Soren Frantz / Senior Photographer

Izzy Harris

Equinox Staff

Winning an event in track and field is an accomplishment in and of itself, but to win it while running it for the very first time as a first-year is even more special.

On Saturday, Feb. 2, Amanda Deppert (right) won her very first individual award by running her first 400 meter dash with a speedy time of 1:02.14.

LEC [Little East Conference] also named Deppert with the Women’s Rookie Track Athlete of the Week.

“It felt like a new feeling. I kind of got lifted out of body in a way… It kind of felt like a high. It was the longest run that I’ve had to run before,” said Deppert.

Deppert said that this accomplishment means a lot to her, especially being a first-year, “I didn’t expect it to be my first year. I thought it’d be something that I’d work towards, but I guess I’m already there.”

While this is a big achievement for Deppert, she has her goals set high for the future, “[I’m going to] keep working hard even though I’m here, I still want to beat my times and be better. I’m not going to stop here, and I want to become the best I can be.”

Assistant Coach Nick Athanasopoulos works with Deppert daily. “It’s a good step in terms of moving forward, so hopefully she’ll be able to give us more efforts like that in future,” Athanasopoulos said. “Hopefully on Friday we’re going down to BU to run the open 200, she’s about a tenth of a second off from the school record and I think she has a good chance of doing that,” Athanasopoulos said.

Athanasopoulos also said he is hoping to embrace Deppert in the longer sprinting events, “At this level, she’s good and can be [in the New England] qualifier, but we think she could potentially be national qualifier in the 400.”

Senior and teammate Taylor Bisaillon said that Deppert has admirable work ethic. “She’s really eager to learn everything about the track team and how to get better. She’s doesn’t put up any negative attitude if someone asks her to do something. She’s just ready to do it,” Bisaillon said.

“She’s really fast. She asks a lot of questions, which is good because asking questions means that she wants to do better for her teammates,” Bisaillon said.

Bisaillon said she was excited when she saw Deppert win the event. “[I’m] excited for her future because she definitely could be faster than what she ran that day. She looked like [she] was tired but still had little bit more in her. That’s exciting, that she can be faster and improve,” Bisaillon said.

As a piece of senior advice, Bisaillion said, “Stick with [the sport] even when it gets really hard mentally. The first year is always a lot of fun, and once you start getting to outdoor and it’s really cold outside, it’s hard mentally, but you just have to stick with it.”

By the end of her college career, Deppert said she wants to, “Just to get a name for myself for here. [I want] people know that I was a runner here and that I was good at it.”

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